Songs by Bodo Wartke. Artist Bodo Wartke. Bodo Wartke – 90 grad. chords 90 gradver. 1 Bodo Wartke – Ich trau mich nicht. tabs Ich trau mich nichtver. 1. Der Klassiker “Ich trau’ mich nicht” von Bodo Wartke in der Berliner Variante. Find a Bodo Wartke – Ich Denke, Also Sing’ Ich first pressing or reissue. Complete your Bodo Wartke collection. 2, –Bodo Wartke · Ich Trau’ Mich Nicht.

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If I could talk, there would be no purpose. Because rain washes the pollen out of the air. The translations, too, I feel I need to apologize for again. Es kommt bei Frauen im Grunde einzig auf drei Eigenschaften an: Then we go home. Here he is elsewhere, singing a duet with himself, a lover and his would-be lover with an allergy back in the nerd and his girlfriend category.

He has a version of “Andrea” sung jazz barbershop style at: The train is going to disappear into the tunnel. You could look far and wide and not see another like this one!

Bodo Wartke lyrics

So I live there vicariously through YouTube. She to hers, and me to mine. She held nichg tight and since then has never let me go. Und zwar jetzt, denn – es ist sehr wichtig!


And then her two — you know what I mean. Why did you have to go and ask me that question just now? The sun is shining so beautifully. Look how every techno freak is moving in rhythm with the beat of the technos.

Playing all the parts is, in fact, one of his fortes. How much would we be alike? Newer Post Older Post Home. Oh, so ein Kitsch! I am surrounded by nothing but doves who cover me with their dirt.

Such a divine figure! Translations of poetry are assaults on the originals, as you know, unless they are done by people with great talent.

Yrau is especially known for his word plays and pointed rhymes. Doch was ist das? We miss you, Christine.

Bodo Wartke

The likes of me are found in nearly every land. Ein lieblicher Duft durchzieht hier die Luft: Thousands have seen him perform in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but I am limited to what is available on YouTube for now.

Greatest invention since the answering machine enabled me to screen out the world and devote more time to my addictions. Bitten by the wind and the weather and the teeth of time, I kich gradually losing my face.

Another song, showing how his talent has matured, is another social commentary: Raabe and his colleagues have made it internationally, have appeared at Carnegie Hall several times, and if one of their America tours comes anywhere close to where you live, I urge you to give yourself a wonderful evening out.


Ich versuche schon seit langem, She: They are of necessity like a tough steak with most of the flavor — as well as the sizzle — removed. I have a pollen allergy. Now stop interrupting me all the time, man!

Liedermacher can be story tellers, social and political critics, or humorists, and the line is not always clear between liedermacher and cabarettist. I was just three years old, the elder of the two of us. He was great in math and physics.

Bodo Wartke lyrics

Whether buxom and sexy or rather demure, whether slightly underweight or downright anorexic, she always has her father make her body correspond to the latest style. Wir sind zwar noch nicht sehr lang zusammen, aber mir war’s nie nicbt so ernst wie mit dir. But what can I do?

But that was a long time ago. Trauu other serious piece is a song about the world from the perspective of a monument: I have not shared any of this obsession with this new found otaku friend before.

Wir sind die Zeugen der Gezeiten des Geschicks.