The purest form of basketball team offense is the half-court motion offense. This video presents Coach Dick Bennett’s approach to motion offense. It is an offense . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. An 8 time Coach of the Year award winner, Coach Kevin. Dick Bennett (Blocker Mover Offense) – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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After handing the ball off to a Mover, the Free Blocker either rolls to the basket looking for the return pass, or spaces behind the 3-point line looking for his shot. We do not want more than three players on one side of the court. Free Blockers are encouraged to initiate the dribble hand-off action with a Mover whenever possible on the perimeter.

Player 5 sets a ball-screen on the perimeter for our 1 player Mover whenever he catches the ball on the perimeter. JP Dunn was one of coach Winters most complete players – playmaker, scorer, and on-ball defender. When overplayed, a backdoor cut is automatic if the ball is being dribbled towards you.

Chin the ball and bend your knees. Bend your knees and get big when setting the screen. Players 5, 4, and 3 must crash the boards. Get open as a receiver.

Be firmly set and ready for contact. Stay off the baseline unless you can score. Drive your defender into the screen. This pick-and-roll action is a thing of beauty when run to perfection.

Blocker Mover Basketball Motion Offense – Freelance Offense

They are constantly looking to set blocks on the blocksr for our two Movers down screensflare screensdouble screensand staggered screens. In our basketball Blocker-Mover offense, we have two types of blockers. We want our ofvense to stay close to the lane area to take advantage of draw-and-kick situationsto post upand to get weak-side offensive rebounds. Blockers never screen for other Blockers.


A Mover must love to penetrate into the gaps north and south and look offene either draw-and-kick or kick-out to the open shooter. And he gave me a technical. Our Lane-to-lane Blocker screening responsibilities include the following: Give the Blocker time to get set.

Back to Top Home Page. The dribble hand-off is very hard to defend and creates some excellent dribble penetration opportunities for our Movers to exploit. Player 5 sets a back-screen for our 4 player Mover after he passes the ball on the perimeter. Pass away from the defense. Any fellow who has a good shot has got to take it and keep taking it. After setting the back-screen, he rolls back to the lane in the opposite direction in which 4 made his cut with his hands up looking for the oftense.

Make shoulder contact with the Blocker as you cut. Player 5 steps out away from the lane and looks to execute the pick-and-roll with our point guard. So he misses – so what? As soon as the point guard moves shoulder-to-shoulder with 5, he rolls to the basket looking for the return pass.

Take care of the basketball. Movers are the cutters in the Blocker Mover basketball offense.

If you are losing and you try to be tough, you’re asking for dissension. We want to use the dribble to create draw-and-kick offfense kick-out situations. Our Lane-to-lane Blocker 5 is our team’s best low post player.


Place your hands in front of your midsection. One position is called a Free Blocker and the other position is called the Lane-to-lane Blocker.

Be ready for the pass.

Basketball Offense – Dick Bennett’s Blocker Mover Offense

After passing the ball into the low post, cut to the basket looking for a return pass. Our basketball motion offense blocke Blocker Mover offense – is a combination of everything that can be done on the court with the main ideas and concepts taken from Coach Dick Bennett, Coach Bobby Knight, and Coach Don Meyer.

Show a hand target and call for the ball. He said, of course not. The Lane-to-lane Blocke r. Make the extra pass. Get your hands up as you come off the screen.

Make maximum use of the v-cut to get open, with or without a screen. Another great action we ask our Free Blockers to execute is the dribble hand-off dribble weave.

Look to dribble penetrate to the elbows to create offense. After setting their defender up moger a v-cut, Movers must cut toward the basketball or the basket in a manner that will take them away from their defender.

We designate three players on offense to work as Blockers.