Series By Jennifer Rardin; Books By Jennifer Rardin from: $ #1. Another One Bites the Dust. from: $ #2. Biting the Bullet. from: $ #3. Bitten to. Nov 15, Jennifer Rardin, who has died unexpectedly at the age of 45, was the The seventh novel, Bitten in Two, which takes place in Marrakech. May 27, Title: Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks #7} Author: Jennifer Rardin Published: Orbit November Synopsis: Jaz Parks here. I. Am. Pissed. Just as.

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View all 3 comments. But, trust me, get through that part and you will absolutely adore the rest of the book.

Jennifer Rardin obituary

I’m Lucille Robinson aka Jaz Parks. Left me craving to read the 8th and last book! I hear the last book It kind of drives me crazy jennicer Jennifer To likes to jump you in the middle of a situation or relationship in her books. Increasingly through the series, Jaz herself suffered from nightmares, became more sensitive to the paranormal and, in the sixth of the novels, Bite Marks, experienced a full-blown possession.

Jul 24, Joyce rated it liked it. I want to know what will happen to Cole! Vayl has lost his memory. I gave up after 50 pages. Bitten in Two by Jennifer Rardin. These are the things about the book that I did like, though. I would like to know more about him. The rest of the characters were playing their parts, and they knew what was going on. Wow, what a ride! Despite it’s jumpiness and slightly fractured narrative, I still enjoyed this book.

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Learning about Vayle’s relationship with his servants and his ward becomes fascinating when described briefly through Vayl’s eyes. jejnifer

I rarrin them together. This felt like I was missing something and I had to catch up. The story was well written and designed to captivate many a reader.

Jennifer Rardin

Throughout the book, Jaz is stalked by a native Marrakechian boy who loves to be physically abused and wants to marry her. And get So Jaz, Vayl and the whole gang are back in Morocco, but Vayl has been cursed and he thinks it’s She married Kirk Rardin in and the couple had two children, Katie and Ben. The team is aware that Kyphas will betray them and sets Astral on uennifer duty.

A demon can use the artefact to take any soul.

That is until a strong Mage by the name of Sterling finally shows up and things really pick up. Grandma May tells Jaz that she knows who Cole will fall in love with, will that be uncovered in the last book, or go unanswered? Vayl and Jaz’s chemistry really make these books great! It’s tough for Jaz though who misses Vayle’s love and support, as she struggles with the headaches and nosebleeds Brude is causing. Where the first book had taken two years to write, the sequels — Another One Bites the Dust tardin Biting the Bullet — were completed within months and published in December and February respectively.


And her characters I’m torn between 2 and 3 stars.

Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks, book 7) by Jennifer Rardin

Aside from constantly having Jaz on her guard, Kyphas has set her eyes on Cole. Could they be distant relatives of Jaz?

Rardin had completed three unpublished fantasy novels before she decided to write about vampires in the real world. But definitely start with the first book. Also, another great scene is the car scene when Vayl tells Jaz that he’s “loved you with all of my being” since the first time that they met.