Biofísica y fisiología celular by José López Barneo, , López Barneo, By (author) Rodolfo Llinas, By (author) Ramón Latorre. BIOFISICA Y FISIOLOGIA CELULAR. by LATORRE, RAMON and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. Biofísica y fisiología celular by Ramón Latorre; Rodolfo Llinás; José López Barneo at – ISBN – ISBN

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Development of an alternative selective etching for the improvement of the conversion efficiency of Zn-rich Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells.

Infusion of mesenchymal stem cells reduces atrial fibrosis induced by chronic obstructive apneas in rats. Nanotechnology to create instructive microenvironments for bone repair. Synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 layers deposited by spray pyrolysis under different atmosphere conditions. Hydrophobic recovery in plasma-polymerized polymers vs conventional polymers after plasma treatment in different gases.

International PSE symposium on phytochemicals in nutrition and health. Workshop on mechanisms of cell mechanosensing. Activities and capabilities of the laboratory of electro luminescence devices.

Estudio de la actividad catalasa. Red-Emission from charge transfer states stabilized by aggregation processes in dual luminiscent carbazole systems. Memristive characterization of SiAlON thin films. Workshop on Fisiologiia properties of Hard Materials. From fungal to bacterial oxyanion hole and vice versa.


International Doctoral Forum of Electronic Science and technology. Gramse, G; Dols-Perez, A. In vitro permeation study of sodium diclofenac from diluted and highly concentrated emulsions through human skin and artificial membranes. Gordon Research Conference on Mutagenesis.

Encouraging autonomous learning in the first-semester course on Fundamentals of Chemisstry at the degree of Chemistry. Tailoring the surface density of Si-NCs for photovoltaics applications. Ultrafast optical switches based on nematic liquid crystals doped with hydroxyazopyridines.

ERS Annual Congress Interplay between integrin expression, clustering, and substrate rigidity in cell mechanical response. Selection of thermoelectric materials to improve the efficiency of SOFC devices through cogeneration.

Hydrophilic—oleophobic coatings fisiplogia plasma assisted polymerization in liquid phase and fluorosurfactant complexation. Generalitat latorree Catalunya American Society for Nutrition. Barcelona, 14 noviembre Double fluorescence carbazole systems: Mechanical forces in physiology and disease. Gelatin-based nanoparticles for gene therapy: Functionalization tailored by gold nanoparticles biofksica different media.

Material based-design for high temperature sensible heat storage using solid particle materials. Double luminescent azocarbazoles for mimicking advanced logic operations. Laser transfer methods for the printing of complex materials from liquid suspensions. UV and Red Ranon from solution to aggregated state. Electrochemistry for Environment and Energy.

Biofísica y fisiología celular : José López Barneo :

Flexoelectrics, Electrocalorics and Perovskites on Semiconductors. From Fundamental Principles to Therapeutic Strategies. Mapping orientation in nanowires using precession electron diffraction. Study of carbon encapsulated iron nanoparticles produced by a modified arc biofosica by applying nitrogen, argon and helium. The transduction energy between molecular motors and pumps, in Palma de Mallorca.


Effects of Shape and spatial arrangement of nanoparticle assemblies on their hyperthermia performance.

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Biofísica y fisiología celular

Low temperature inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition of vertically oriented graphene nanowalls for supercapacitor applications. Old versus young rats. Light Technologies Towards Graphene Devices. Optical absorption of silicon nanocrystals in silicon carbide matrix. Nanosensor array systems based on single functional wires selectively integrated and their sensing properties to ethanol. Biocompatible surfactant systems for the design of mesostructured materials used in drug delivery.

Chemical and structural characterization of new chalcogenide absorbers for next generation photovoltaic technologies; quantitative calibration of in-depth resolved analytical techniques.