Kualitas Minyak Goreng Habis Pakai Ditinjau dari Bilangan Peroksida, Bilangan Asam dan Kadar Air. Hubungan Lamanya Pemanasan dengan Kerusakan Minyak Goreng Curah Ditinjau dari Bilangan Peroksida. Thumbnail. Analisa Bilangan Peroksida dan Bilangan Asam pada Minyak Goreng. Pedagang Penyetan Di Sutorejo Surabaya. Siti Mardiyah, , Prodi D3 Analis.

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The repeated use of cooking oil can affect the quality of the oil and the nutrient composition in it. There are habits to reuse cooking oil that for main reason of cost saving. Each oil was analyzed three times. Article Tools Print this article. The brown colour oil were 5. These light and dark brown reused cooking oils did not comply with SNItherefore they are not suitable to be used for cooking.

Badan Standardisasi Nasional, Sampel dalam penelitian ini sebanyak 25 yang didapatkan dari 25 pedagang gorengan. References Badan Pusat Statistik. Analisis bilangan peroksida ditetapkan sesuai SNI Pengantar Teknologi Minyak dan Lemak Pangan.

Hubungan Lamanya Pemanasan dengan Kerusakan Minyak Goreng Curah Ditinjau dari Bilangan Peroksida

How to cite item. Reuse cooking oil was got from food vendor in Bogor. Univariate analysis data was used to describe frequency distribution and mean. User Username Password Remember me. Quality of vegetable oil prior to fortification is an important criteria to achieve a health impact. Email this article Login required. Article Tools Print this article. Keberadaan peroksida dapat digunakan sebagai indikator kerusakan bjlangan.


Email the author Login mimyak. Mechanisms and Factors for Edible Oil Oxidation. The presence of peroxides can be used as an indicator of oil deterioration.

Bilangan Peroksida Minyak Goreng Curah Dan Sifat Organoleptik Tempe Pada Pengulangan Penggorengan

Keywords Peroxide, cooking oil deterioration, fritter traders. Analysis of peroxide value was established according to SNI Reusing cooking oil might be problem for health. Frying quality and oxidative stability of two unconventional oils. This is an observational descriptive research which analyzed 25 samples of used cooking oil of 25 fritter traders.

Nutrients 6, — Food Lipids 13, 27—35 The oil that, use as standard reference, was new packaged oil. This study aimed to describe and analyze the amount of peroxide value of cooking oil used by fritter traders in Tembalang Sub-district, Semarang City.

Essays ISSN 2, 7—14 Jenis penelitian ini adalah deskriptif observasional. How to cite item. Sci 38, — Dietary intake of trans fatty acids and systemic inflammation in women.

Abstract There are habits to reuse cooking oil that for main reason of cost saving. This research aimed to study the number of peroxide number, acid value, free fatty acid, and water content of light and dark brown reused cooking oil. Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan Oxidative stability of refined sunflower oil at room temperature and during conventional frying.


Bulk purchased oil has an average peroxide of 8.

Email this article Login required. Data analisis univariat digunakan untuk menggambarkan distribusi frekuensi dan rerata. User Username Password Remember me.

Reports 3, — Gorengan merupakan makanan jajanan dengan menggunakan adonan tepung yang digoreng dengan minyak berlebih deep fat frying dan dijual di tepi jalan. Email the author Login required. Keywords adolescent girls anemia attitude body image children dietary diversity energy intake food safety, HACCP, foodborne illness food snacks, hygiene and sanitation, food safety game-based educational book hemoglobin level hygiene sanitation, banana chips, ponceau knowledge nutritional status overweight protein intake stunting gpreng underweight vegetables and fruits zinc.

Minyak curah mempunyai rerata nilai peroksida lebih rendah dibandingkan minyak bermerek. Fritter food is snacks mnyak using flour dough which was prepared by deep fat frying method and sold on the street lot. Evaluation of the deleterious health effects of consumption of repeatedly heated vegetable yoreng.