When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. All Can anyone tell me ke MOJZA BIBI FATIMA ka haqeeqat se koi taluq hai ke nahi ek risala type ka hai aur mai ne dekha hai aurton ko ke.

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If you can read it in Urdu you can read it in any language you like. That’s a blatant giveaway, since this ritual is predominant in the Pak subcontinent culture.

Hazrat Fatima sa was born five years before Bethat when Muhammad S was about 35 years old and her mother Khadija was about 50 years old.

Jub sunaaran ki ankh khulee to waqai sunaran ne dekha kay larrka Khuda ke fazal —o- karam se hunsta khailta zinda salaamat challa aaraha hai aur Ijaz-e-Janaabe Saiyada S.

His daughter was getting married.

Bibi Fatima (as) Ki Kahani – English Transliteration – Urdu / اُردُو‎ –

They were the most suitable couple to be married. Iss kay baad woh yahudi Janaab Saiyada S. This was the hardest time for the family because in the same year Abu Talib who was the protector of Muhammad S from the animosity of the Quraish also died in the same year as Khadija.

Unfortunately this was not done as the Holy Prophet intended his companions mojzza do.

The Story of Hazrat Fatima (sa), daughter of the Holy Prophet

The cemetery of Baqii was destroyed by the Wahabis in When she heard this, she cried and wept so much that she passed out. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a bini account in our community.


As they could not find it, the king sent a guard to go back to the girl’s kingdom and bring moza vessel back. They said they do not eat without their mother and she had to tell the children of the death of their mother.

Upon hearing this the king was very surprised and angry, and said to the girls that you two are both magicians and you will be executed in the morning.

First off, who is the “pure lady? Aur Hazarat Mohammad Mustafa A.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

This king ordered his minister to search for water, and the minister in his search for water happened upon a hill where the two girls were, fxtima was astonished to see them.

The guard when he approached the vessel was harassed by a snake hiding inside the vessel. What’s up with Sayeda Zahra a being the cause of the bride’s death?! Jub badshah inke pass. Tera baitta bauhat jald tuj say milega.

Yey larkeiyan apne waaldayn se beecher ker itnaa roeen ke dauno ko gush aagia. Tafseer-e- Kabir by Al-Razi. The wedding had turned into a matam kada. Read Forum Rules Before Posting!

It’s unbelievably frustrating, truly. The king agreed to this request and when the messenger arrived at the girls’ parents kingdom, he found everything back to normal.

Allah huma sale alla Mohammadin wa ale Mohammad. Majboran yo seepahee wapis aaya aur sub ko ye majra soonaya. In the morning the executioner approached the jail cell, the two girls pleaded with him that they wanted to talk to the king once again. There were occasions when there was no food for the family, but she would never complain.


Janab e Ffatima replied that all her clothes were old and had rips and patches all over them, while the women at the wedding will be dressed well in new and expensive clothing. The second king replied that bibk it be mutually beneficial to have the two girls married to the son of the second king and the son of the second king’s minister. Aur aap ko sub nein nehaayat izzat aur ahtraam key saath rukhsut kia. Aur tammam mmojza lott aaya. Skip to main content.

They asked the king to once again have the matter verified by sending another messenger to their kingdom. Ye sunkar woh Hazrat Ali A. Bibi Fatima as Ki Kahani. Itney mey itnee zor ki aandhi chalee kay sub log urrgai. The prophet replied that you have what you have according to the will of Allah. Janab e Sayyida Ki kahani mazeed mukammal maloomat k liye mufti akmal sahib ka ye booklet bhi mutala’a farmain: My father and I have done our best to provide the kahani in English for those who can’t read urdu.

Ek seepahee ko wapis rawana kiya kay lotta lay aaey.