BESM, short for “Big Eyes, Small Mouth”, is a table-top RPG created with the aim to capture the feel of anime and manga in its gameplay. If you’re looking for a generic anime game, BESM will probably serve you The editing is a bit above average for an RPG, and while there are. N. BESM: ThE aniME and Manga rpg. forEword. Big Eyes, Small Mouth was born in out of a desire to play anime adventures and from a lack of any similar.

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The title alludes to the common anime drawing style of characters with huge, expressive eyes and comparatively small mouths. But for reference, I think you made characters with 60 character points in 2nd and in 3rd, so there is a lot of bloat there. Powers are more stringetly.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

A later revised edition of this version was published inwhich, due to errors in the proofing and printing processes, did not contain the full set of revisions in its final published form.

It’s pretty obvious when things are broken. It also reworded many of the rules and abilities to make them clearer and easier to understand. If you pre-ordered the book from us, more information will follow. The actual mechanics are almost identical between editions once all your abilities are down on paper.

A note on mechanics: However, it’s lack of focus is indeed a weak point, but also a strength, depending on a GM’s desired outcome. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. What you see with BESM is a pogression from an extremly rules light game to a moderatly complex game with extrme levels of character detail. I also own and have played 3rd edition, but I never quite grokked to it.

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I do like the Damage Multiplier and Power Flux from 3rd edition, though. Although the books were usually well put-together and almost always featured many full-color pages with stills from the series involved, many fans believed the information provided in certain guides was incomplete and unreliable.

Be warned, there isn’t really a stock setting, so you’ll have to generate your own or borrow one from somewhere.

Your ad here, right now: It’s basically BESM without that 12 limit. The roll-under vs roll-over thing isn’t really that different, it’s just the difficulty is a penalty to the dice roll in roll-under and an inflating Target Number in roll over.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth – 1d4chan

Another company will be publishing it and providing future support. This has scaling issues in high powered games, pretty much once one of your attributes gets into double digits, things get kind of weird. Webarchive bssm wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July I’ve never looked much at 3e, so I can’t comment on that.

New versions of Centauri Knights and Uresia were released under the new version. Anime role-playing games Canadian role-playing games Comedy role-playing games D20 System Fantasy role-playing games Guardians of Order games Role-playing games introduced in Superhero role-playing games. I’ve never looked too deep at the d20 edition, but it didn’t appeal. If you’re group is happy with imporvisations and making rulings on the spot than you can have a great game with it.


For example, higher levels of telepathy would allows you to use it on more targets simultaneously, and also increase the range.


By using beem site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This makes for much more ridgedly defined characters, and much larger character sheets.

Somebody else pointed out the fact that 3e changed to a “roll over vs. While I haven’t played 1st or 3rd, based on my experiences with 2nd and the problems with it – which came down to people having a lot of trouble figuring out how to mechanically represent their character concept, I’d think that 1e is the version to go with. These are supplemented by Attributes, which give the characters unique abilities.

Best version of BESM : rpg

I think Second Edition was the best. Also, take a look at OVA, its a nice balance between 1e and 2e and is still in rrpg. During the time of the revised second edition, to jump on the bandwagon of the d20 SRD craze, they released an abhorrently broken BESMd I just checked Amazon, and they were outrageous. What excited them about running a game?