The BenQ W can serve as either a home-theater or a home-entertainment projector, with excellent image quality and an assortment of. In this BenQ W review we will explore many of the special features, tour all of the hardware, discuss picture quality, and calibrating the. W FAQ – Support. What is BenQ Short-Throw Technology? What is the difference between DLP projectors and LCD projectors? Why is the lamp is not as.

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Vertical and horizontal lens shift. Designed to offer the best 3D cinema experience at home, the projector is powered by DLP Link to delivers ultra-smooth p Full HD images to both eyes — crosstalk free. If you see rainbows on a 5x speed color wheel, I’m not sure that a 6x speed wheel will solve all of your problems. Advanced Features As you might expect, the W offers any number of advanced features to help justify its price. These artifacts are always a concern for single-chip DLP projectors, because of the way they create colors.

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Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks. As a point of reference, if you follow SMPTE The Society of Motion Picture and Bemq Engineers recommendations, 2, lumens would be appropriate for roughly a inch diagonal image in theater-dark lighting with a 1.

Maximum Image Size Generated. BenQ uses the best of them to get really dark blacks. By Missing Remote on August 05, If you want—and can afford– to have a high end projector in an area that has lots of ambient light or want a large crystal clear screen without having the space for a large room, then the BenQ W is a great option for consideration.


Inveterate tinkerers like me will be pleased with the number of settings the W can store. It also offers better than typical color calibration controls, letting you set both primary red, green, blue and secondary cyan, yellow, magenta colors by adjusting hue, saturation, and brightness of each color. Lag is a pain in the rear. As with most home theater projectors, there’s no audio system. Based on what I saw, that may not be an exaggeration.

The production looks as if it cost a fortune, and the directors never seem to wink at the audience — this is deadly serious stuff. The W produces quite a bit of light — our test unit measured slightly over lumens in Cinema mode out of the box and over lumens bebq calibration. Enter the numbers as they appear to the left.

BenQ claims a contrast ratio of 60, Nenq Epson Home is widely available to private buyers looking for the best deals; the Pro is sold through professional dealers and installers. I made a reset but still the same. Once Upon a Time in the West is another film with stunning studies of the human face.

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BenQ W7500

Posted Mar 10, Navigating the menu for the initial setup is simple and intuitive enough that you could do it yourself. Kamra – I am sure that BenQ pays plenty of attention to their product design.

Posted Apr 24, By Prad on March 26, 83 So leicht wie beim W ist uns die Vergabe eines Gesamturteils schon lange nicht mehr gefallen. To get the picture exactly where you want it, you need steady hands and lots of patience.

Benq W Price, Specifications, Features, Reviews, Comparison Online – Compare India News18

For my tests, BenQ didn’t provide the calibration service, but even without it, the image quality was impressive. Which is the best choice? The projector’s 3D image quality earns the same high praise as its 2D quality for all the features the two share. Minimum Image Size Generated. One potential issue is rainbow artifacts, with light areas breaking up into flashes of red, green, and blue.


This problem is made worse when you use the zoom or focus ring, which you must to get the picture centered and focused. InBenQ was spun off from Acer Inc.

Benq W7500

Shadows dominate, and blood is deep red. Location All Mumbai map list available at address price.

We do not cheat the customer. The bad news is that if you see these artifacts easily, as I do, behq see them occasionally with the W Was curious on the overall picture quality between the two.

The BenQ W weighs about 15 pounds and has a stylish look that should complement most d7500 designs. The projector also did well on color balance, with suitably neutral grays at all levels from black to beqn in all preset modes, and it did a near excellent job with shadow detail details based on shading in dark areas.

Engineers have tried all sorts of tricks to get blacker blacks from DLPs, from changing light sources to using variable-aperture irises. The W offers a fairly typical set of connectors, including two HDMI ports for video sources or a computer, a VGA port for a computer or component video, three RCA phono plugs for component video, and both composite video and S-video ports.

I wouldn’t buy another PJ with a 4x wheel, 5x is a maybe but as long as the 6x is less than what I have now, I’m fine with that.