Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and Posy love their quiet. Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and. #78 Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild () 25 points. This is another book that is practically perfect in every way. I love the detailed back story.

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You know, Great Uncle Matthew is kind of an asshole.

A story never ends with its final page because there’s always more to see, know, and experience. That, also, brought up the sadness of small family bookstores or other small stores being run out by the big ‘Fox’ type stores.

Ballet Shoes | Open Library

stretfeild This time, I researched the library’s catalog and discovered they had it. Trivia About Dancing Shoes Sh Dulcie was the type of girl that you’d hope to see fail, and when [SPOILER] both her cousins upstage her, you can’t help but cheer a little.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Hilary has talent but no drive and Rachel has no talent at all, or at least not for dancing. What matters is what they want to do. It’s the usual lovely Shoe story, but the only fly in the ointment is major for me.

A book about two orphan sisters at a ballet school. Ballet Shoes is a classic, a lovely story worth rereading as frequently as you wish. Her opinions are her own and do not reflect those of EPL, SLJ, or any of the other acronyms you might streagfeild able to name.


Ballet Nnoel follows the Fossil sisters and their journey through life as they try to get their name into the history books because of who they are.

Jan 30, Jeanette rated it really liked it Shelves: There are more facts about the book there than I could ever fit into a mere post. Thankfully, I liked Dancing Shoes, so I wasn’t disappointed: It matters even less. Those feeling quickly went away. Had I been reading more closely, I would have seen how Rachel found her happiness in the end before it happened. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Apr 03, Yvensong rated it really liked it Shelves: Much more like I was than most child characters.

I am sure there are many little girls who read this and can identify with either Pauline,Petrova or Posy,as they are all very different but equably lovable. Only Madame is allowed to see Posy’s true dance proficiency; for everyone else she sticks to comedic interpretations, so the scope of her talent remains a mystery even for the reader.

I happen to see this one while perusing shelves at the library and picked it up curious. When the money he left Sylvia runs out, they decide to send the girls to stage school.

Top 100 Children’s Novels #78: Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

I love dancing, and Noel Streatfield creates such a realistic setting, I wonder if she was a dancer herself. Audio CD in English – Unabridged edition.

I absolutely loved this book as a young girl elementary age Rachel is devoted to her sister’s dancing, and the fact that their mother had high hopes for Hilary. So as I started reading the book I felt a melancholy mass of emotions.

And SUCH a satisfying ending. Overall a very cute little book, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s the same stock characters: Nicely streatfeiod, Noel Streatfeild. You might also like. Streatfeild definitely comes down on the side of those who believe that a little hardship is good for children, and that working for a living at the age of 12 is no bad thing.


There was a filmed version of this movie in the mids, but finding any scenes from it online proves difficult. They even make their own sleeping bags when they go camping!

It never matters whom you watch, you can always learn. This was originally written in the ‘s and felt relevant for today’s youth. Practical Petrova, however, discovers she’d rather pilot a plane than do a pirouette There was no interpretation offered. I started this book, one of my all time favorite Streatfeilds, standing in a public library in Bermuda in Novemberand it was years before I found a copy sgoes the US but it was just as good as I had remembered it.

I owned one with the third cover depicted above. I love that Doctor Jakes feels the same way. The girls must learn to dance. Ballet ShoesNoel Streatfeild. I think I have about 5 copies of this book and this one streatfeid by far the most beautiful.

In 28 Septemberwhen Ballet Shoes was published, it became an immediate best seller. Folks clearly love it and, when you get right down to it, they have every reason to.