Shop Aver HVC HD Multipoint Video Conferencing System. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The AVer HVC high definition conferencing system is designed to be installed either in a small to medium sized conference room or as part of a Roll- about. AVer Information Inc. All rights reserved. trademark owned by AVer Information Inc. Other trademarks used herein for description AVer HVC

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The HD camera may be positioned either on top or below a picture monitor. Four site internal H. Thus camera images viewed locally and remotely are different and can afer problems with camera alignment. Automatic adjustments to exposure and white balance were at times slow to operate and were very dependent on image content.

Skip to main content. Meeting recording function – Store meeting recordings on avet USB drive – Supports playback layout function as in live meetings Mobile Device Connectivity hgc330 video and snapshot images transmitted from mobile devices.

This effect was also experienced when the system was not in a call, suggesting a problem in encoding the audio. The AVer HVC high definition conferencing system is designed to be installed either in a small to medium sized conference room or as part of a Roll-about unit. Only continuous presence split screen is supported. The Hvc330 image which is displayed following a change in image layout automatically disappears after approximately four seconds.

When a grey scale test signal was transmitted on the main video channel, locally it appeared correct, however, at the remote end the white and first grey scale step merged into one, illustrated below. The system appears to automatically go into sleep standby mode after a period but this is not documented, pressing a button on the remote control returned the system to live operation.

Even low level noise from a keyboard being tapped was enough hvc33 significantly impact on the audio quality received in that room resulting in very poor doubletalk and intelligibility. When not in afer call the system may be set to auto power off after a user-definable period of 30 minutes, 1,2,3,4 hours or never.


In multi-image layout modes the main camera image is viewed locally as a 4×3 image, but the image transmitted to the far end is in widescreen format with areas of the top and bottom of the locally viewed camera image cropped.

Analogue audio connections are also provided for input and output signals. Low levels of background noise within the conference room significantly affected the audio quality received from the CODEC to such an extent that the conference audio became completely unintelligible.

With the HVC you can record meetings and save 5-megapixel snapshots directly to a USB flash drive, even when you’re offline, and hcc330 up to 4 MICs into one daisy chain to enjoy great audio reception even in large conference rooms. Standard audio frequency response tests were unable to be completed due to afer system performance. avre

HVC – Multipoint Video Conferencing System | AVer Global

The VCplayer also provides the facility to convert a choice of layouts into a. Mobile image sharing Wirelessly present live images or snapshots taken with your iPad, iPhone or Android phone’s built-in camera to everyone in the meeting with AVer’s VCLink mobile app, providing far site users with a detailed view of reports, design mock-ups and other physical objects.

Both auto white balance and auto exposure could be inaccurate depending on image content. To establish a connection each new location will need the local network information re-entered into the configuration menu. When audio test tones were transmitted via the auxiliary audio input and monitored both locally and at the remote CODEC the system performance was non-standard.

An extensive recent calls list is also available. Lip synchronisation using the system microphones was consistently very poor in calls between AVer HVC systems with video delays of around one second.

For wireless avdr however the PC must be on the same network domain as the VC system. It is therefore received as a reduced height image. Optimum results were obtained by setting the camera controls manually to match the room lighting.

AVer HVC330

If you are not a registered reseller and would like to purchase our products, please contact one of our online retail partners:.

As background noise increased, the conference audio progressively degraded until it disappeared altogether.


The frame rate was 30fps and audio protocol G. Limited configuration is available via WebTool, a web browser with password protection, including: WebTool also enables aer monitoring of conferences by providing low frame rate web snapshots of the main monitor images. This connection is password protected. This effect was also experienced when the system was not in a call suggesting a problem in encoding the audio. This “All-in-One” solution comes with everything you need to start video conferencing right out of the box, so there are no costly upgrades or installation fees.

For business With AVer you get HD video conferencing at a price so affordable that you can purchase at least two units for the price of just one from most other brands. Both Aber in Picture PIP and Picture outside Picture POP display formats are offered which allows both near and far end images to be displayed simultaneously on a single picture monitor or projector. This effect was observed using H. Supports single and dual monitor display Multiple layout styles User-friendly OSD supports 21 languages: The camera menu includes a range of automatic auto and manual settings for exposure, white balance and anti-flicker.

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HVC provides organizations with a high performance, low cost 4-site MCU averr conferencing system that’s perfect for any budget. The auxiliary audio input only remains active when the S-Video, Composite video or VGA inputs are selected on the main video channel. As background noise increased the conference audio progressively degraded until it disappeared altogether.

HVC microphone line-in 3. Conferences may be conveniently recorded to a USB memory stick connected to the CODEC front panel, recordings being initiated and controlled via the remote control. View active tab What links here. The on-board MCU offers up to four-site H. Standard DVD players can be connected to the CODEC via the auxiliary video and audio line inputs, but this auxiliary audio input is inhibited when the main camera is selected as the main channel video source.