If you use shellexecute to autorun documents you can not ensure that user will have the appropriate software to read your document on their computers. There is. Notes on how to create a cd that will auto run when placed in a drive. shellexecute=datafile, Specifies an application or data file that is to be opened. Windows. [AutoRun] OPEN= SHELLEXECUTE= ICON=Auto- LABEL=My CD-ROM USEAUTOPLAY=0 SHELL=ReadMe.

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How an inf file is handled depends on the version of Windows in use, the volume drive type and certain Registry settings. Retrieved from ” https: You will also need your executable application or document you are wanting to open. This link at Microsoft autoorun solve shelexecute problem. Paths in this section take precedence over paths in the [ExclusiveContentPaths] section. Each section contains a series of commands that determine how shsllexecute Autorun operation takes place.

It can then include any of the following optional commands – with each command placed on a separate line:. If one of these contents is set to false through one the case-insensitive values 0, n, no, f, or false, the Autoplay UI does not display the handlers associated with that content type even if content of that type is detected on the media.

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The autorun section contains the default AutoRun commands. ShellExecuteEx launches the default command associated with the file type. Here is how it would look copied onto your USB Drive. After the Shell finds a section, it ignores all others, so each section must be self-contained.


How to Implement Autorun Startup Applications. Configuration files Windows administration.

The icon, together with the label, represents the AutoRun-enabled drive in the Windows user interface. INF is found, then Windows follows the instructions in this file to run a program. All other media should include this section to have Windows XP autodetect any drivers stored on that media.

Note that not all Windows computers will recognise the data on an Enhanced CD, although the audio is always seen. The second icon in Filename.

Create a CD that will autorun

Create autorun menu with 1st Autorun Express in a few clicks, without design or programming required! Also it specifies that Windows should use first icon from Setup. If it is omitted, verb is displayed. Anyone have a solution?

The content can include items like a web page, interactive menu, multimedia presentation, a document, or an entire application. Your CD users may have switched off autorun.

– Commands

Change the value of Turn off Autoplay to disabled. You may need to change the. Please consult the Microsoft documentation for more details. INF and when you double-click its icon it will autorun. This topic uses CD-ROM as an example shellexecufe was the first medium to implement this technology but today there are many different media types that can use it. It is therefore good practice to provide instructions so that users know how to start your CD, eg tell them to open file index.


Specifies an application or data file that is to be opened. I then stumbled upon a page during my research that said “Windows 7 no longer supports autorun. This parameter shellfxecute the text that is displayed in the shortcut menu. The OPEN entry specifies the path and file name of the application that AutoRun launches when a user inserts a disc in the drive. The structure is that of a classic Windows. If you feel like getting a little fancy, you can even add more like a company icon or use a long label to name xhellexecute drive: If it does not find one, it uses the information in the [autorun] section.