AURELIA TI is a range of trunk piston engine oils developed The AURELIA TI range can be used in highly rated, AURELIA TI and exceed the CF. ASTM D Aurelia TI > Aurelia TI – 9. > Aurelia TI > Aurelia TI AURELIA TI DESCRIPTION. Marine oils resulting of the latest innovation occuring in additive component technology. They are especially designed for the .

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Good wear protection and excellent oil film strength at extreme auelia. Excellent resistance to the negative effects of contamination with residual fuel. In this way, we can adapt the content of our website more specifically to your needs and thereby improve what we offer you. Excellent resistance to the negative effects of residual fuel contamination, along with excellent thermal resistance and oxidisation resistance.

Aurelia TI 3040 & TI 4040

Excellent thermal resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance. To learn more about cookies and how to refuse them click “Cookies Policy”. Very good water resistance and an outstanding demulsibility capacity leading to maintain the engine performance and to remove the water rapidly after a water ingress. Very good wear protection and very good oil film strength at extreme pressures.


Petersburg, Russia, phone: Applications Highly rated medium speed diesel engines used in marine and stationary power generation applications, burning heavy fuel oil with various qualities and sulphur contents. Reduced build-up heavy deposits in the engine leading to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Its ability to reduce heavy deposit build-up in an engine creates savings via a reduction in maintenance costs. Water resistant, with outstanding demulsibility capacity, enabling rapid removal of water after an ingress and the maintenance of good engine performance.

AURELIA TI | Total Lubmarine, Trunk Piston Engine Oils

AURELIA TI combines aruelia exclusive formulation of latest additive technologies, developed by Total research center, and a highly refined base oil to provide an substantial safety margin to cope with the higher stress levels even with the latest and future designs of diesel engines. Particulary suitable for low or very low oil consumption engines operating with a poor quality residual fuel.

Marine trunk piston engine oil for 4-stroke medium speed diesel engines running on high sulphur heavy fuel oil HSFO for marine and stationary power generation AURELIA TI ensures outstanding cleanliness of both the hot and cold parts of an engine thanks to their detergency and dispersant properties.


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Marine Coatings Marine chemicals Marine lubricants. We use cookies to track the preferences of aureliw and to identify popular sections of our website. By clicking accept you agree to our use of cookies. Excellent control of viscosity increase leading to reduced top-ups.