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Cows should be slaughtered to demonstrate the supremacy of Islam. Those who shower unstinted praise on Aurangzeb and approve of his policies unreservedly belong to a definite genre of historians.

To achieve this objective, jizya should be mercilessly levied upon them, and they should be treated like dogs. Is silsile mein nazam adliya mein beshumar tabdiliyan kien. Mera farz hai ke apni rahat ka khayal sirf is had tak karon jis had tak usay mere riaya ki khushi hasil ho.

Aurangzib ‘Alamgir par ek nazar. ( edition) | Open Library

Iqbal must have had a nostalgic longing for an idol breaker Aurangzeb when he wrote in his Shiqwa But sanam khanon men kahte hain musalmaan gaye The idols in the temples are happy that the Muslims have gone 47 and called Aurangzeb Abrahami. Libas aur khorak bara sada tha. Aurangzeb was certainly the most potent and vital link in ajrangzeb success of Sarhindi tradition in keeping the Muslims and non Muslims in the sub continent apart. There are voluminous sources available to inform about the life and times of Aurangzeb and the aftermath of his policies.


He consulted him on important points of Muslim theology and sought his advice.

Aurangzib ‘Alamgir par ek nazar.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Post a Comment sevidamkrdezign. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Dara represented interfaith understanding, peace and harmony and Aurangzeb unmitigated consevatism. After that Nadeem, a Pakistani journalist, wrote a play Dara on the same theme.

Question arises why did Aurangzeb adopt policies which amounted to a break from the tradition of three previous emperors which had stood the taste of time?

The argument that Aurangzeb softened his policy of temple destruction in later years does not hold water.

Us ki zindagi Islami rawayat ke ain mutabiq thi. In that case, according to the premise, that belong to ifs and buts of history the two oceans would have mingled and there would not have been polarization and partition of the country.

Jahan us ne nazam mahasal ki tadween nau ki. Us ki policy bila shuba Islami thi lekin us ne Hinduon par kabhi tashadad na kiya. Aurangzeb Alamgir History In Urdu: He did not interfere with any Hindu religious activities.

Notwithstanding his word, he made the children and pretty women slaves, alamglr forcibly converted them to Islam but the men aurangzsb put to death.

Islam and infidelity are two irreconcilable opposites. The performance of this rite was, in India, the most important symbol of Islamic domination.

Aurnagzeb Alamgir ne Shah Jahan ko Agra ke qila mein nazar band kar diya jahan wo apni wafat tak tak nazar band raha. The Sheikh gloomily mentions in his Maktubat about participation of Muslims, particularly women, in Deepawali celebrations and sending of presents to their daughters and sisters similar to those by the infidels.


Madri zuban urdu thi taham us ne Hindi mein bhi maharat hasil kar rakhi thi. Aurangzeb ne apni taweel takht nasheeni ke door mein zayada waqt mukhtalif mehmaat mein guzara. Lack of evidence of any plan does not disprove the actions he took. Clear relation between the ideals proliferated by Sheikh Sarhindi and Mian Masum and policies pursued by Aurangzeb contradict the contention of Xurangzeb Habib.

Us ne sarkari khazana ko hamesha qaumi imanat samjha aur kabhi aik paisa na liya. Zindagi aish o aram se koson door thi.

In an autocratic polity importance of personality factor could not be denied. Maasir-i-Alamgiri records information sent by Abu Tarab, who had been commissioned to effect the destruction of the idol temples in Amber. Mafuz ul Haq, is a stupendous attempt for bringing about religious harmony in the country. They were specially targeted for the strategy of further conversion in rural areas. Number of Rajputs did not grow.

Seven hundred auragnzeb came out.