SYMMETRIX – Overburden Drilling by Atlas Copco Welltech AB. The optimal choice when drilling medium to deep ( 60 m) holes and casing pipe is left. Atlas Copco casing advancement systems are available in versions for top hammer The Symmetrix and Elemex systems are part of a total overburden drilling. The Symmetrix overburden drilling system is a patented system comprised of an ingeniously simple concentric method of drilling through overburden with casing .

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Atlas Copco Symmetrix offers a retrievable ring bit system for DTH drilling, an all-round overburden drilling system for symmerrix of any depth or size. Symmetrix Retrievable Ring bit system for Tophammer Atlas Copco Symmetrix offers a retrievable ring bit system for tophammer drilling, an all-round overburden drilling system for holes of any depth or size.

These are designed for all types of rock, whether hard or soft, abrasive or fractured.

Drill Rig Tools for Sale OK & TX | Bits, Hammers & Parts for Drilling Equipment Texas

Reverse circulation hammers The key criteria our customers wanted from our reverse circulation drills were simplicity, performance and reliability. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation. The system drills more quickly and accurately than any other method available today. Atlas Copco Secoroc have been continuously improving the casing advancement system.

A symmetrical ring bit For these components two different setups are offered by Atlas Copco. Whether used in ground with big boulders, inclined competent layers, or hard bedrock Symmetrix drills until the required depth is reached. Thanks to the ingenious reaming wing, the bit is retrievable and can be used again.

Water well drilling Water well drilling is common in urban, developed areas symmetrux the well must be drilled quickly with minimum impact on the surroundings.


Casing Advancement Systems (Symmetrix / Elemex)

The Elemex casing advancement system is the preferred system for minimizing the risk of settlements in surrounding strucutures. Animation — Elemex — comparison. Under reaming systems are most economical solutions for casing drilling in normal ground conditions.

This page describes a complete system solution and different application scenarios, allowing you to select the right equipment from the extensive product portfolio.

A symmetrical ring bit.

For these components two different setups are offered by Atlas Copco. Pipe roofing Pipe roofing is a method to pre-reinforce the ground ahead of a tunnel face to ensure that excavation can proceed safely. Accessories for Casing advancement systems A range of accessories are available for the Odex, Symmetrix and Elemex systems, symmetriix as lifting tools, wrenches and welding fixtures.

The casing advancement system is comprised of an ingeniously simple method of drilling through overburden while advancing the casing into the hole at the same time. Retrievable system designed to allow drilling shallow rock sockets below the casing with the pilot bit. The maximum wall thickness is defined for all systems.

The choice of solution depends on several factors, including ground conditions and application. It is primarily used for smaller diameter holes in overburden drilling, such as anchoring piles or micropiles. Pipe roofing Pipe roofing is a method to pre-reinforce the ground ahead of a tunnel face to ensure that excavation can proceed safely. Best performance in all rock formations Long-term, low-maintenance endurance Specifically designed for exploration drilling and in-pit grade control applications.

This page guides you to the right solution based on your requirements. Symmetrix — productivity and precision Where conditions are tough, time is limited and precision is crucial — the Symmetrix system is at its best. Year All — All The unique design of the pilot bit directs the air over the drill bit surface, reducing air leakage into the ground. Secoroc DTH hammers are available in holes sizes from 3,5 to 48 inches in diameter and up to 72 inches with the Secoroc Cluster drills.


Casing advancement systems are often used to drill the holes through the overburden, keeping the hole open during installation of the heat exchange system and minimizing the impact on surrounding structures.

symmeyrix With the new Elemex overburden drilling and casing system, Atlas Copco gives you all the benefits of DTH drilling—high productivity, straight and deep holes—without risking air leakage or over-drilling, which can cause damage to surrounding structures. Applications Casing advancement systems can be used in a wide range of applications where you need to drill in difficult ground conditions.

It is welded to the casing tube.

Symmetrix and Elemex

When drilling in so-called overburden, the conditions are often challenging with risk for collapsing walls, hole deviations, and failure to reach design depth or bedrock. A casing shoe welded to the casing pipe, which is pulled down by the impact of the hammer and pilot bit. The system has opened the way to utilize new construction methods that save contractors time and money. Foundation work Stringent demands on productivity, high drilling accuracy, and the ability to drill inclined piles for foundation work make casing advancement systems increasingly popular for both symmetgix bearing and friction piles.

Elemex is symmmetrix only a safe choice where settlement of neighbouring buildings can be a risk with other methods.

The unique design of Symmetrix provides reliable results, which saves contractors money.