ASTM F963-08 PDF

This specification2 relates to possible hazards that may not be recognized readily by the public and that may be encountered in the normal use for which a. ASTM F available in Chinese here: COMPS/htm. – Both F‐07e1 and F‐08 can be included as a. Both F ASTM F (PF) – Designation: F – 08 An American National Standard Standard Consumer Saf.

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When measuring high d963-08 sound pressure levels, for example, from toys using percussion caps, the 35 Copyright by ASTM Int’l all rights reserved ; Sun Feb 15 Protective caps shall also be subjected to the tension test in 8.

Quiet periods longer than 15 s shall be excluded from the measurement period. They shall then be inspected for astk with this speci? The report should note this procedure and the actual sample account.

ASTM F – 17 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

Such label shall remain legible after normal use and reasonably foreseeable abuse when tested in accordance with 8. Endeavour to achieve the highest possible sound level. Such an example is a sharp point necessary for the function of a needle. Cheesecloth referenced in the following tests is 60 cotton gauze with a thread count of 32 by 28 threads per inch. ASTM International’s open consensus process and online tools help ensure worldwide f963-0 for anyone interested in participating in standards development.

The positions are at the centers of the sides of the measurement surface at the distance 50 cm from the reference box. Rationale for Revisions.


ASTM F Toy Safety Testing | ATS

It does not purport to cover every conceivable hazard of a particular toy. Even so, manufacturers must still continue to ensure their products meet the requirements of the law. All such literature shall be shown in the English language at a minimum. Drive the toy three times at a speed of 6. Possible entanglement or strangulation injury when attached to crib or playpen.

A rattle shall meet this requirement when tested under the force only of its own weight and in a noncompressed state. F — 08 ANSI.

This specification does not cover product performance or quality, except as related to safety. Points of nails or fasteners shall not protrude so as to be accessible.

One asttm shall consist of an initial 15 cm stroke followed by a return to the starting point. Simulated Protective Devices The alert symbol shall directly precede the signal word. Protect the mixture from light.

The ventilation openings shall be unobstructed when the toy is placed on the? A marble is permanently enclosed if, when tested in accordance with 16 CFR The toy shall meet this requirement both before and after testing in accordance with 8.

ASTM F963-11 Toy Safety Testing

Coil springs either compression or extension that form 9f63-08 of a component that carries the weight of a child shall be shielded so as to prevent access during use or reasonably foreseeable abuse unless either of the following occurs: If the protection is removed when tested according to 8. If a user replaceable fuse is provided, remove and insert the fuse 25 times before the Maximum Temperature test is performed.

If the toy under test does not have a clearly de? The test in 8. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard.


If an accessible, circular hole in any rigid material less than 0. Projections, parts, or assemblies that are mounted rigidly on an accessible rod or shaft designed to rotate along with the projections, parts, or assemblies shall be tested with the rod or shaft clamped to prevent rotation. The result exceeds the allowed value for chromium in the table ff963-08 is therefore not acceptable.

Any toy made of impermeable material and having a door or lid, which encloses a continuous volume greater than 1.

Design guidelines are provided in Annex A3. This procedure shall then be repeated in a counterclockwise direction. Design Guidelines for Battery Operated Toys.

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For example, levers, wheels, catches, triggers, strings, wires, chains, and so on, that are intended to be actuated by a child shall be operated repeatedly. In the case of toys sold in bulk, such as jacks or marbles, only the container need be marked. If the body of the toy forms part of the loop, position the body of the toy so that it is on the open, right-hand side of the hook test? Packaging materials that are likely to be incorporated into the play pattern of the toy will not be exempt.

These tests shall also be conducted when there is a design or material change in the toy. If another battery chemistry is speci? Edges other than metal and glass FIG.