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Quotes from As Cinco Linguage It takes time and effort, but that would be a better use of your time than reading this book. Fortunately, I think my partnership would never resort to that, which I hope will carry over to my daughter and any future littles. Millions of readers credit t Married more than 45 years to Karolyn, Dr. I am so happy to have read this book. January Group Read.

As Cinco Linguagens do Amor

When their language is physical touch and you spank them, it’s devastating. Other books in the series. Chapman and his wife have two adult children and two grandchildren, and currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I know that I like all five, but if I could only have one, maor would be 4 affirmations.

As Cinco Linguagens do Amor by Derson Lopes – PDF Drive

The fact that every child is different is actually the highlight of this book. Kids whose love tanks are full learn better, are disciplined more easily, and manage anger more appropriately. This book is d exploring how your children or spouse or co-worker or friend or what-have-you communicates and how best to match your appreciation of that person to that person’s preferred love language. The Five Love Languages of Children was nice to have a reminder that I can express love for my children and it not be interpreted as anything but love.

I finished it, because there were a few helpful nuggets I could take away, but in general, I have some serious objections. The books says if your gar is under 5, you probably won’t be able to tell their primary language yet so I am interested in trying to pick up the clues as the twins get older.


As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças by Gary Chapman

This is another one of those books that could have been covered in a nice article rather than a lengthy book and the elaborations seem I appreciate the aims of this book. Then try…” Now I told you the secret and you don’t have to read this book.

First, maybe I live under a rock, but it’s not immediately apparent from the front cover, back blurb, or early chapters that this book has religious undertones. So, yes, this book has inspired me.

I really liked this book. For someone like me, who is constantly analyzing my relationships with my family and longuagens to make them better, it isn’t altogether a new topic. What I loved most about this amoor is the knowledge that when you discipline a child in their love language it cuts really deep.

While I like the concepts and I think it had valuable information I had a hard time with it. Not all children feel love the way you do or they same way as another child.

I will follow up and note later if some adjustments I plan to make effect change. My chaman son is still a mystery. This linguagems is about exploring how your children or spouse or co-worker or friend or what-have-you communicates and how best to match your appreciation of that person to that person’s pref I enjoyed this, not just because it gives me ideas about how to better communicate with my children, but also because it sheds insight about how to better communicate with my spouse, co-workers, and friends.

My oldest is 5. Kids My oldest child is much like ax, but my second felt so different! Millions of readers credit this continual 1 New York Times bestseller with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate their love to their partner.

As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças

For the most part I felt like the “love languages” were well explained but in the later chapters when amod are given of putting it into action the authors would say things like: I give this book four stars. Gary Chapman, that air on more than stations. This will be my go-to gift this year. My almost four year old, I would guess has a preference for acts of service.


They explain how to identify your child’s primary love language and provide numerous examples of how to speak it through various actions targeting specific age groups. I wish the publisher dhapman clarified the appropriate age range of the book in its list description. This book applies those same love languages to children. The quality of your marriage greatly affects the way you relate to your children—and the way they receive love.

Try quality time and see how your kid responds. Most With any book that’s designed to help parents be better dp for their kids, it’s easy to fall into the trap of defining the success of the book by whether its advice was successful in the reader’s family. Those “ways” are called languages, and are condensed into five types. The authors expound on their theory that there are five different ways that people express and experience love: This helps people understand why two kids might react completely differently to the same gifts, the same activities, and the same punishments.

To another kid, being sent to their room is play time. I’m glad I read it. My issue is not with this book specifically, but with the idea cchapman general. If their language is quality time gaary you send them to their room, they’re crushed. A linhuagens analogy for the whole thing: