Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) under the chairmanship of Dr. Arjun Sengupta on The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) in its report on Social Security for Unorganised. The report is based on government data for the period between Commission for Enterprises in Unorganised Sector, Arjun Sengupta said. THE National Commission for Enterprises in Unorganised sector, set up with Arjun Sengupta as chairman, has presented its report on Social.

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The commission report itself admits the validity of social assistance concept in the following words: The salient features of the proposed legislation are:. By repory this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, if the per capita consumption is Rs 13 a day, then the individual is above the poverty line.

It is pertinent to recollect here that the National Commission on Rural Labour had recommended life insurance benefits with a caveat that the premium be met by the state. There are even recommendations that the shortfall in this interest rate of 10 per cent will be topped up by the National Social Security Fund and that State Boards may declare illusory?

Is it any wonder that those leaders who are seen to be reformers can never win the popular vote? That was the report by the expert group to review the methods and means of estimating poverty.

A Task Force for suggesting scheme for toddy tappers and Beedi workers. With this act, Mahapatra said, “Sengupta ended up on the wrong side of history. The justification for economic reforms was supposed to be the trickle down effect but for those who live in trying conditions 10 years of economic reforms seems to have made little difference.


Arjun Sengupta Commission Report

The scheme so formulated visualises provision of health and medical care benefits through social insurance. These included old age pension, life insurance, maternity benefit, disability benefit accident compensation and minimum health care and sickness benefit.

Even in the non-agriculture sector nearly 72 percent of the workers are in the unorganised sector, repory increase of 4 percentage points from 68 percent in According to the report: The report of the Second National Commission on Labour has also emphasised this. The agriculture sector consists of almost entirely unorganised workers who are mainly the self-employe 65 percent and the casual workers 35 percent.

Arjun Kumar Sengupta

The entire increase in employment in this period in the organised sector over this period to has been informal in nature i. The contents of the report, however, demand a careful and in depth scrutiny.

Trade unions should make concerted efforts to bring pressure on the UPA government to bring about meaningful and practical legislations for the benefit of the agricultural and unorganised workers, a task sectr brooks no further delay.

The report suggests that the feport frame the scheme as recommended by it and set up a national social security board to guide and monitor its implementation through similar boards at state level. In died of prostate cancerwhich was first diagnosed in In spite of a crackdown, its use continues. The commission’s recommendations on social security resulted in the enactment of the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, This is in contrast with the Government of India commitment in successive international labour conferences to take measures to mainstream the units and the workers in the informal sector with the formal sector, in step with the ILO concept of addressing the decent work deficit.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Arjun Kumar Sengupta. S ocial Security Benefits: Last month, one more report and estimate were added to the list. As regards the recommendation that the Ministries should develop CPSE-specific criteria to determine overall performance independent of profitability, it has been decided that the existing performance evaluation parameters will be allowed to unorrganised for 3 years and reviewed after a period of 3 years.

Fill in your details below or click repoft icon to log in: There is no need to point out that the unorganised workers in India fall entirely within the first of the three pillars noted above. The salient features of rdport proposed legislation are: The adoption of appropriate policies follows from that obligation. It suggested designing special schemes for the vulnerable sections of Indian society through better targeting and social engineering.

Archived from the original PDF repory 21 July According to veteran journalist Rajesh Mahapatra, Mukherjee had become the rallying point for those in the Congress party that were critical of the market reform policies of then Finance Minister, Manmohan Singh.