ARINC Trays. ARINC 8 MCU Tray with Side Mounted Fan and Plenum Chamber. All ARINC Trays are designed and fabricated in our. CarlisleIT’s ABS Trays offer a 20% reduction in weight compared to the CarlisleIT standard ABS trays. The trays meet the standards of ARINC All ARINC A Trays are designed and fabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using top quality aircraft grade materials to meet or exceed .

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Mechanical Components Shock Vibration Isolators: Manufacturing Notes All values nominal.

Standard ABS tray configurations shown. These new designs were based on simplified sizing configurations in order reduce the variety of racking systems and enclosures required to house the new systems entering the field. New Berlin, WI Locations. All trademarks, service marks and trade names are property of their respective holding companies. PMA’d arimc a variety of trayy airframes worldwide.

The assembly is flame retardant per FAR Contact us today to learn how we can help you reduce costs and shorten the lead-times of your ARINC products while offering you the finest parts available anywhere in the world. Wire wrap contacts, connectors, surface mount technology, adapters, bonding jumpers, right angle contacts for ARINC style connectors and discontinued interconnect products. Parents Forum 12th February At Christensen Industries our staff of highly skilled engineers and designers can customize a product to fit your specific needs.

With many styles in stock, we can cross-reference part numbers to ensure prompt delivery. Fan Assemblies and Filters: All CarlisleIT tray components are aribc in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using high quality materials to assure a perfect fit and lifetime performance. This dramatically changed the power and wiring requirements for new systems and thus resulted in the development of these new Modular Concept Unit MCU Trays for use with tday advancing technology.


ARINC 404/600 & Specialty Trays

SinceAEI has fabricated and delivered thousands of aircraft wire harnesses for civilian and military aircraft as well as built-to-order for simulators. Contact us for specific fan performance curves, specifications, part numbers, drawings or custom cooling analysis.

CarlisleIT trays are designed to accommodate positive pressure air rainc systems when installed on a plenum shelf or equipment rack. Dimensions are in inches, bracketed [numbers] represent millimeters.

Item #: MT6-03 MT6-03 ARINC 600 Tray Shell

Trays requiring a fan also require a plenum. At Christenen Industries, we have worked to develop advanced tooling and techniques in manufacturing that add additional strength and performance to our ARINC products.

Our trays have integrated side seals to speed installation on cooled equipment shelves. Carlisle AB Trays Military grade trays designed and manufactured with the versatility to meet commercial aircraft industry needs. Our manufacturing facility produces a multitude of standard and custom aircraft avionics parts and trwy. Contact the factory for availability and lead time on large size lightweight trays.

Air inlet holes in the metering plate allow for air flow regulation.

ARINC Series Trays – CI

Thomas Industry Update Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. CarlisleIT can customize any of trag features to suit your specific needs. None 30 Degree 45 Degree 90 Degree. Customers can choose from an assortment of specific colors and fonts, depending on your aircraft requirements. Please contact our Franklin facility for more information.


Our Cockpit Electroluminescent EL Panels come in a variety of options to best suit your custom aircraft needs. Developed by AEI, “happy boxes” can readily retrofit with newer avionics technologies in existing aircraft interfaces. The cooling holes are standardized to accept NSA plugs for easy air flow adjustments.

Systems can be removed and replaced with new equipment in a fraction of the time that permanent installations would require to be repaired, exchanged or updated. AEI’s mounting tray features include aluminum alloy construction, chemical conversion coating finish, and connector size cutouts standard for MCU tray assembly requirements.

Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. Metering plate seals and baffle plugs plug bumpers are supplied with each tray assembly for insertion by the customer to direct air flow as required. For more than 20 years, we have specialized in high quality manufacturing and fabrication services for Commercial aircraft parts and Military Systems retrofits.

We also have a standard line of connector plates, metering plates, plenums and cooling configurations available for our trays. Effective vibration isolation in all axes Compact design Standardized sizes and products for most applications Customization to meet specific requirements Supports arinnc loads from 1 to 80 lbs Engineering support beginning with selection analysis.