FAI ARESTI AEROBATIC CATALOGUE. INTRODUCTION. To all who use this new aerobatic catalogue in the name of the Federation Aeronautique. ARESTI AEROBATIC CATALOGUE (CONDENSED). Review of catalogues published by Aresti System, S.L.. At the CIVA plenary conference some. This “Aerobatic Catalogue” is an extract of the “Aresti Aerobatic System” and Radio Control Catalogue These four catalogues are different depending on the.

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Sresti catalog assigns each manoeuver a unique identifiercalled a catalog numberand difficulty factor, represented by the symbol K. Wresti can visit the Aresti website using this link: Antonio Quintana as president of the Commitee. Subscribe to our Newsletter: Following Aresti’s death, a court fight ensued between his heirs and FAI, which once provided a free catalog online. It provided the foundation for the Aresti Catalogue Condensed that we use today. In Aresti notation, solid lines represent upright or positive-g manoeuvers and dashed lines represent inverted or negative-g manoeuvers; these are sometimes depicted in red.

Aresti Catalog – Wikipedia

Wednesday 21st of August Stalled wing manoeuvers such as spins and snap flick rolls are represented by triangles. Commision Internationale de Voltige Aeriene. This page was last edited on 8 Julyat Thick dot represents the beginning of the manoeuver, while a short perpendicular line represents the end.

Thus, the angular velocity can be an aid for the Judge to gauge the radius, especially when the angular velocity in the higher part-loop is seen to be faster, as this is a clear indication that the radius is smaller.

cataloyue End of a mix up. The online Wikipedia free encyclopedia also has a useful: The catalog broadly classifies manoeuvers into numbered families. When the speed decreases, for example, to half its initial rate, the angular velocity, to keep the same radius, will be reduced by half – this is a fact of physics. Archived from the original on 26 March Each figure’s grades are multiplied by its K and summed to yield a total raw score for the flight.


Thank you very much for your attention. List of aerobatic aircraft. Archived from the original on 3 March When a basic figure is combined with one or more rolling elements, the resultant figure K is the sum of all component K s.

During the act of the signature, Mr. Then employed throughout Spain, the Spanish Aero Club urged its adoption internationally.

A logical approach to determining the difficulty coefficient of the whole figure was also introduced. These figures must all keep a regular geometrical shape, and therefore their part-loops are all required to have cataloghe same radius. It was used for international competitions through In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It is designed to draw paar all figures Arrsti Aerocriptographic Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aresti-Symbols. This way, will be restored from now on the name of Mr. Views Read Edit View history.

Judging topics: Loop Radii | British Aerobatics

Families of figures Aerobatic figures were initially divided into nine families, the first eight of which provided the ‘base’ figures onto which the aileron rolls of family-9 could be superimposed to create composite figures. The Aresti Catalogue A ‘must have’ for any serious aerobatic pilot who aspires to success from Standard level upwards, this is the book that provides the complete rule-base for the Aresti aerobatic notation system together with the complete and up-to-date set of manoeuvres that can be used either in isolation or where necessary in combination to construct known, unknown and free sequences for contest flights at every level.


Arrows represent rolling manoeuvers with numbers representing the extent and number of segments of the roll. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. HomePage Sequences and Judging News.

Aresti Catalogue for 2018 Now Available

Retrieved from ” https: Thursday 18th of July I wish from now on cxtalogue new phase of relations between the F. As the speed changes during execution of a loop or part-loop, the angular velocity around the aircraft’s lateral axis also has to change in order to keep the radius constant.

CIVA also runs an Aresti Committee in conjunction with representatives of the Aresti family, to ensure the smooth adoption of new ideas and figure elements that underpin the increasing range of international championship categories that CIVA supports.

Notational systems arestl aerobatic manoeuvers have been used since the s. Originally each volume was updated and re-issued annually by FAI, but now they are available only from the Aresti System website whilst the FAI publishes just an update of the changes that are promulgated each year. It starts and ends in a well-defined line which, for a complete loop, will be horizontal.

Commons category link is on Wikidata. By the end of Aresti published a dictionary of catalkgue 3, aerobatic manoeuvers, the Sistema Aerocryptographica Aresti. The Cata,ogue Catalogue Condensed.

Portman stated the following words: For a part-loop however, such lines may be in any other plane of flight and will be defined by the aircraft’s attitude.