A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Calcutta Chromosome by Amitav Ghosh. The Calcutta Chromosome: A Novel of Fevers, Delirium and Discovery. Amitav Ghosh, Author William Morrow & Company $23 (p) ISBN . From Victorian lndia to near-future New York, The Calcutta Chromosome takes readers on a wondrous journey through time as a computer programmer trapped .

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A very interesting read, and surprisingly not what you’d expect from writer Ghosh, especially if you’ve read most of his books like me.


The Calcutta Chromosome – Amitav Ghosh

It is a fast and engaging read with complex plots and characters. Ghosh writes beautifully and the settings really came alive for me. A chance bit of data causes Antar to recall a bizarre encounter he had with L. Am avut o imagine formata in urma modului in care s-au derulat evenimentele si directia in care a mers actiunea in ultimele pagini, autorul intervenind si complicand, de neinteles, cu un cadru final, intregul peisaj.

It’s like you visit a new place and ask the natives for a wonderful sight to see. There are many facts about fever therapy in malaria and the effect of malaria on brain which are not tau Finished the book, but am much confused regarding the story. It is a historical fiction but can be called a ghost story because of the cult which it describes.

Tokens are still in use in New York, but for years the preferred system has been the so-called MetroCard. I am sure I will find friends who would disagree!

Too bad, but at least there’s some decent entertainment along the way.

Its native Indian members operate through means kept secret from the more Westernized characters and from the reader, and their activities become progressively clearer as the novel continues until their plan is revealed to the reader. When Ant recovers Murugan’s ID card again, he gets curios.

The Calcutta Chromosome is a multi-layered novel, qmitav different storylines from different times.

The Calcutta Chromosome

Calcuttz somehow it all connects up to result in a very different page-turner. With the occult characters of Mangla and Lutchman, the author has denied the caste bars of the Indian society, portraying that knowledge and power can reside with the people who by caste are considered to be weak and downtrodden.

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It is complicated — and it gets more so. We acknowledge and remind and maitav you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. On a personal note, I like the parts where the writer’s imagination takes leaps and bounds and comes up with fantastic outcomes.

Sep 19, Yigal Zur rated it really liked it. None matched the suspense of the first one, which I read in the hot summer in a poorly air-conditioned Texas dorm room. So I now fill it up with …more Nice comment Mr.

The story in itself is very thrilling and mysterious and keeps one guessing till the end Unless you read the end first. Thriller – is the one word for this. Ghosh employs a factual background gjosh the invented events in the novel, tje upon Ross’ Memoirs which were published in Now he works from home, linked up by computer, doing drudge work.

The constructed pace and momentum of the book was really good but I guess the closing could have been more clear and better. What makes me even more uneasy are the translations of Bengali figures of speech, done tactlessly and literally – this bothers me a little in The Hungry Tideand it bothers me a lot more with this book, appearing as it does amidst already leaden prose – chatar matha may fit seamlessly into Bengali; “umbrella head” sounds horrible and meaningless in English, and you’d think any author with an ear for dialogue would notice.

But I really chromsoome what I think? However, one could also argue that this kind of ending is exactly the point of the book. His Internet is still expensive and slow, for example.

The Calcutta Chromosome

The book does not live up to the promise it occasionally shows. A philosophy that to know something is to change it, therefore in knowing something, you have already changed what you think you know so you don’t really know it at all.


The narrative is suffused with science, myth, nihilism, philosophy and superstition. The Calcutta Chromosome won the Arthur C. Antar is in the US, and what is this “Ava” for? Murugan, an employee of the LifeWatch organization Cxlcutta former employerwho disappeared in Calcutta in I thought this part was silly.

Amitav Ghosh was born in Calcutta in Amitav Ghosh offers a blend of science fiction, speculation, and the occult in this book. At the end, I really wanted to bang my head against the book. Author information Copyright and License information Calcitta. Trivia About The Calcutta Chro I am confused about the ending, not sure what it was and that it’s calcuttta. I can’t be sure but I also wonder if the author was firing a tiny salvo at a Western attitude towards Indian scholars, and how history has been written to glorify its authors.

And the first thing after I finished it, I opened up book reviews for it, and it was the same amitqv everywhere. Now, I’m as willing to suspend my disbelief as the next man, but there’s a limit, and this “Lutchman was actually Laakhan!! In categoria nemultumiri si carcoteli, ar intra si constatarea ca Sir Ronald Ross, din ce am gasit pe internet aici si aici a luat premiul Nobel in bhosh nucum apare la inceputul cartii sub o poezie, poate gresesc, insa datele sunt evidente.

Murugan had asked to be transferred to Calcutta because of his fascination with the life of Sir Ronald Ross. Ghosh does bring them together, but not nearly as nicely as one might hope.

I think the character Antar could have been made more interesting and perhaps more active. Was it the fact that contrary to my usual style of writing reviews I took a lot at other reviewers and find them creating interpretations for the web spun for this tale?