The main wire rope hoist is suitable for carrying heavy loads at relatively fast speeds and is the primary means of vertical access for men and materials in an. Wherever an elevator for inspection, emergency, or interlevel hoisting is required in mines and underground shafts, the Alimak rack and pinion elevator is the. Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed.

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This allows the drill planning to be done before the production drill is set up in the raise. At Manroc, we have developed innovative solutions and highly specialized skills making us a leader in narrow vein exploitation. Experience has shown that the stopes mined with a raise climber tend to be more stable than regular longhole open stopes.

Now a typical Alimak stope is 80 or 90 metres high and mucked more often — an improvement for grade and scheduling. The broken ore often compacts slightly, resulting an effective swell of about one third its unbroken volume.

There is often considerably less waste development with raise mining than with regular open stoping.

Successful users of the technique have found aljmak it accelerates their path to production by centring development work within the ore body. Almiak holes extend to just less than half way to the next raise and are oriented slightly down from horizontal.

The production drill sits in the middle of its work, cutting the drilled length in half. Greg Dipple of UBC has discovered that certain mine tailings can be used for carbon sequestration, and the implications could be enormous.

T hree-quarters of the way intoit became clear that this was a very good year for Claude Resources. The climber nests are always in the hangingwall.

Manroc, Williams and Orica Ltd. Raise climbing, widely known as the Alimak mining method after the company that introduced it, is a variation on longhole stoping developed for narrow-veined, tabular ore bodies. Mining narrow ore bodies is vital to the international mining industry, and involves a high level of expertise surrounding geological issues. It is better if the ore body is continuous over several hundred feet vertically. Committed to safety minin excellence, Manroc is at alimaak forefront of Alimak mining, generating safer and more productive methods.


The production drill holes are oriented slightly down from along strike, which is also roughly perpendicular to that found in the regular open stoping method.

The stopes can also be mined in a shrinkage fashion, with added support gained from the broken ore in place. The Saskatoon-based gold miner had increased its year-to-date gold production by minlng per cent overthanks in part to a successful implementation of the Alimak mining method at its Seabee gold mine in Saskatchewan.

Specialized Services Professional Mine Engineering Manroc Developments is a full service mine engineering company employing a highly qualified team of mining engineers and associates with extensive experience in underground mining. Ailmak has shown that raises from 75 to metres length are the most economical. The down dip helps the minlng break to the stope wall. Claude Resources used Dumas Ltd. Tinkering with the drill rig set-up allowed an entire ring of production holes to be drilled without repositioning the drill more than once.

The climbers require about 4.

We are pleased to provide lateral mine development as a part of our comprehensive range of underground mining services. Recognized as a leader in Alimak LH narrow vein stope mining, Manroc has developed proven and effective techniques yielding high tonnage and low dilution results. Avoiding repeat levels has slight time-saving effects during operation because it eliminates the further work, like fencing backfill, needed on each level. The graph is divided into areas that have been delineated by observed stope behaviour.

Backfill Fill fence and piping if required. Manroc’s lateral development includes full excavation of access ramps, declines, drifts, and crosscuts. For more information on our Alimak production mining services, minimg contact us.


The graph ordinate is an estimate ,ining the rock stability and includes factors for block mibing, joint surface condition, rock strength, joint orientation and the effect of gravity.

Less Dilution The production drill sits in the middle of its work, cutting the drilled length in half.

Alimak Production Mining, Manroc Developments Inc.

So you put in a lot of work, but you get a lot of ore out at the end. A true innovation in underground mining, the Alimak method provides the highest safety standards in the industry, while increasing productivity, adding greater flexibility and maneuverability, and reducing overall mining costs.

It is safest to take a few rings per blast, so that miss-holes or other blasting problems are accessible for correction. This advantage is easily visualized if one imagines the hangingwall as a fractured beam or plate. The ore contacts can be both extrapolated from across the raise and interpolated between raises. Truck dump back slash if required. Proven benefits and outside financial pressure push modular construction into the mining mainstream.

A World Leader

After the raise is driven it often must be rehabilitated, subject to ground conditions, for the safety of production crews. Currently, we incorporate both conventional and mechanized production mining techniques, as determined by the individual requirements and overall complexity of each site. The Alimak Mining Method Raise Climber Mining Conditions This type of mining is best suited to tabular narrow vein ore alimzk with enough dip for gravity ore flow. Stopes can be as little as 3 feet thick, or even less in ideal circumstances.

Strike length was also reduced from 15 to 14 metres after problems with hangingwall caving and dilution.