Leave the search box empty to find all products, or enter a search term to find a specific product. Sort by. Product Name +/- · Category · Manufacturer name. correspondence from the Canada Revenue Agency (Muljiani ). . Warman’s Detaxer acolyte Alex Muljiani had a comparatively short. Canada – The UnTaxman – Secrets of Detaxation A detaxing strategy based on Eldon Warman’s 15 year success story. Alex Muljiani takes it.

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Muljianj OCDSB has no right to withhold anything of mine in any form of trust, debt payable or pledge payable and the OCDSB has an obligation muljizni honour the request stated in my Letter of May 25 thwherein I request that income tax no longer be withheld from my monthly pay cheque. The final version of the bill is just as draconian as the original draft and smells rotten right through.

Did you know there are ways to not “own” your house anymore without ever selling it? They are only interested in your property and your money. I am not subject to the Income Tax Act of Canada; and, therefore am not subject to withholding tax. Right now, very few Canadians know the rules of the Evil Game.

The Statement of Claim will be for all of the monies that have been unlawfully deducted and accrued to date, with costs and interest.

It is Revenue Canada Taxation that must accept total responsibility for any expense and misunderstandings since it has not been following the law by incorrectly demanding that OCDSB withhold “income tax” from my monthly earnings.

The reality was that these so-called money laundering and criminal activities were played up dramatically so that the police state pieces of legislation could be passed without much criticism. In addition, none of them can afford to fight CCRA. This new law vastly expands government power and gives police the right to break the akex in the process of upholding the law.

Do you think the government is ready to give you those rules? As we continue to be plagued by more and more corruption within the government of our beloved country, I ponder the bleak future that lies ahead and wonder how it happened?



I will have the required proof that I have properly carried out the first two steps as I proceed with the last recourse – a jury trial. I have not filed an income tax return since The fact that the OCDSB acts as an “income tax” withholding employer is also causing local taxpayers a great expenditure during these times of financial restraint. Should the police refuse to accept my action of filing an information, my witnesses will compose an affidavit, stating the details of my attempted filing of the criminal charge; and, then sign it under oath with a Commissioner of Oaths.

He built his home himself in the ‘s and it is ALL they own. I regret to inform you that if this last act of diplomacy fails I will have no option but to commence court action at the end of January I am not worried about the security of any personal property or savings as I have removed my name from any significant documents which may have been registered with any government agency or bank.

Eldon Warman and Alex Muljiani are actively teaching “detax” and “untax” information to “re-educate” fellow Canadians on the “truth” about “income taxes” and the Income Tax Act.

Most of these people were quite aware that whatever part they were playing would lead to the eventual creation of a police state in Canada. Folks, there are solutions to prevent the kind of situations like the one above. British Columbia passed a law in that gives police there the right to seize your car on the spot for any reason! This “withdrawal of permission” to withhold “income tax” from my payroll is also made pursuant to the fact that, no tax of any kind or sort is ever due or payable until an assessment has been done.

Welcome to Conspriracy King Alex Muljiani

I received an e-mail from an accountant today that shows perfectly the attitude that CCRA has towards all the taxpayers in Canada. The case above concerns a man who fixes furnaces. A copy of the Interest Act of Canada mukjiani attached mlujiani.


As of this date, my employer still refuses to comply with my request to stop withholding muljianni tax from my monthly paycheque. It is not my intent to create any kind of friction. Also, please be advised that the Labour Code of Canada forbids any kind of job action being taken against me for any reason without having relation to my ability or inability of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of my job.

I will keep visitors to The Cyberclass Network updated on the progress of my challenge to become “detaxed”. OCDSB have been using against myself to coerce me into complying with illegal demands of my property.

Alex Muljiani

Please be advised that I hereby withdraw my permission given OCDSB to withhold “income tax” from my monthly payroll for the purpose of remitting same to Revenue Canada Taxation. I own my labour and skills; and, owe no allegiance, and nothing of allex or my property to any level of government.

As an “income tax” withholding employer the OCDSB is an unpaid tax collector, held in slavery by definition – being caused to perform a service without pay and under the threat of punishment. As informed citizens capable of “original” thought we are prepared to take the necessary steps as outlined in the accompanying letters to OCDSB if the wrongdoers continue to disrespect our rights by ignoring our Declaration of Rights At Law.

I hereby revoke and forbid any usage of my Social Insurance number as a taxpayer number; and, void any contract such past usage of it mhljiani a taxpayer number may have implied. I have posted various “Letters to my Employer” dated May 25 th, October 5 th, December 21st, and February 15th, Please go to the website in the coming weeks at http: I hereby revoke and void any such supposed or qlex contract, past, present and future; and, hereby declare my status as a natural person and a commoner.