In his seminal lecture “Is Patriotism a Virtue?” Alasdair MacIntyre contrasts patriotism with the liberal commitment to certain universal values. He notes that Alasdair MacIntyre has given a defense of patriotism: MacIntyre’s argument (in his Lindley Lecture, “Is Patriotism a Virtue?. the nature of a more sophisticated patriotism comes from Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, in an essay titled “Is Patriotism a Virtue?”.

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What weight do you give to the concern that if we continue with our historically short-sighted individualistic ways we certainly will not be able to meet the global ecological and economic catastrophes that our world is presently suffering from? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And these groups and activities structure me — alter the kind of being I am: Jonathan rated it really liked it Apr 15, It acknowledges the constraints morality imposes on the pursuit of our individual and collective goals.

Patriotism is not but another extension of the duty of concern for others; it is a special concern for my country because it is my country, for my compatriots because they are my compatriots. Compatriots take priority because we owe it to them as a matter of reciprocity. This argument conflates the issue of patriotism with that of political obligationand the notion of a patriot with that of a citizen. Both Socrates and Viroli are exaggerating the benefits bestowed on us by our country; surely any gratitude owed for being born or brought up is owed to parents, rather than patria.

This may or may not be relevant to the question of patriotism, depending on just what we take the point of princely rule to be.

The responsibility for the injustice or lack of basic human solidarity lies with those who make the decisions and those who implement them. Instead, he would seek to make sure that the country lives up to moral requirements and promotes moral values, both at home and internationally.

Andrew Vincent – – The Journal of Ethics 13 4: In view of the disastrous record of national socialism, it is not surprising that German thinkers in particular should be suspicious of patriotism as long as it has not been dissociated from nationalism.


NathansonYet another objection would focus on the fundamentally irrational character of robust patriotism: Really it seems that only more and more authoritarian regimes will be able to meet these urgent demands, and isolated individuals or small communities will have no way to respond to them but to comply.


To be sure, there is much overlap between country and nation, and therefore between patriotism and nationalism; thus much alasdiar applies to one will also apply to the other. If a benefit is conferred inadvertently, or advisedly but for the wrong reason e. Gary Gutting reflects this Fourth of July on the morality of patriotismwhich is grounded in a kind of in-group loyalty at odds with moral theories that require vrtue we treat all human beings equally, regardless of whether we are part of the same family, tribe, or nation.

Monireh Razavi rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Soutphommasane, Tim,The Virtuous Citizen: And these attitudes can and do quite easily turn ugly and hateful and warlike. But her patriotism would be expressed, above all, in a critical approach to her country and compatriots: Just as an acorn will tend to develop toward an end that actualizes its full potential Oak treehuman beings strive to function well in a way that is appropriate to human being.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Patriotism raises questions of the sort philosophers characteristically discuss: Feser is the go to man on telos, but not so much on science. How to cite this entry. No keywords specified fix it. They establish a patriotixm of moral labor, necessary because our capacity of doing good is limited by our resources and circumstances. It offers them the opportunity to contribute to the macinytre environment in which its laws and policies are determined, and opportunities to participate directly and indirectly in the formation of these laws and policies.

While patriotism of the more usual, worldly kind is neither morally required nor virtuous, but at best morally permitted, ethical patriotism can, under certain fairly common circumstances, be a moral duty Primoratz Thanks for the cool post! The question does not admit of a single answer. Pauline Kleingeld – – Kant-Studien 94 3: It is not unbridled: This is bad faith.


Moreover, she cannot admit this motivation while at the same time remaining a patriot.

His complicity is lesser and the blame to be laid alasdaif his door is lesser too — but he still bears some moral responsibility and deserves some moral blame on that account.

Return to Book Page. Patriotism in a Multicultural SocietyCambridge: One may derive significant psychological benefit from membership in and identification with a payriotism or polity: The harshest among them have judged it deeply flawed in every important respect.

Essays in Honor of E.

Refresh and try again. If girtue is understood in universal, rather than parochial terms, if common human solidarity counts as a weighty moral consideration, and if peace is of paramount importance and war is morally permissible only when it is just, then this kind of patriotism must be rejected.

Click here to join. I find patriotism to be a function of the unconscious shortsighted, cavedwelling instinctual fears that inhabit the human mind actively ventriloquizing a disturbingly large segment of the public. When it fails to do so, virgue will withhold support. Thus, extreme Patriotism is wrong because it disregards the rest of the world, and no Patriotism is wrong because it disregards the local community.

Patriotism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Ultimately, I have to revert to my membership in some core natural kind — the human kind — to judge the appropriateness of the effects that practices and groups have on me. Normative issues Patriotism has had a fair number of critics. As a rule, when someone is wronged, someone else benefits from that.

Howard Young marked it as to-read Jul 07, One set of dispositions is determined by the kind of thing they are — by their human nature; the other by something particular to them, based on their idiosyncratic development. Another aspect of the Aristotelian ethics is that virtue lies in the middle.