bridge. • Location: Sevilla, Andalucia,. Spain. • Crosses: Guadalquivir River. • Duration: • Materials: Cables: Steel. Pylon: Reinforced Concrete. Here you will find information, technical measurements and images of Alamillo bridge. Name, Puente de Alamillo (Harp Bridge) Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Who. Owner, Regional Government of Andalucia. Concept Design, S Calatrava. Construction.

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There is a pedestrian zone, in this case, a central area separated from the movement of vehicles. A more conventional, less costly bridge would be built over the river. J R Casas A combined method for measuring cable forces: Subscribe for Built Expressions Magazine Now.

Materials Mast The mas is made of hexagonal plates of steel, reinforced inside by reinforced concrete.

The ribs are structurally connected to the reinforced concrete slab. The originality of the design lies in the fact the load bridfe by the cables supporting the deck over the river is compensated not by traditional back stays but by the considerable backward inclination of a massive reinforced concrete tower, so that the resultant of its self-weight, composed of the resultant of the stay forces, follows the direction of the tower.

Alamillo bridge –

It rises meters high with an inclination of 58 degrees, a divided pair of braces holding the cables m in length, the longest in the world at the time and create a span distance between the points of apamillo of meters. The design and construction of the Alamillo Bridge provides an insight into one the best Architectural and Engineering minds of our time. The Alamillo Bridge alajillo a cable-stayed bridge with a meter ft long span painted in Calatrava’s trade-mark bright white color.

The weight of the traffic and pedestrians bears down on the bridge deck which is just a sophisticated plank or beam. The steps of construction are as follows:. Access is by a staircase inside the core of the mast.


Because of the unconventional structural design and the short period of time available for construction, the building sequence was also quite different from the standard construction methods used in cable-stayed bridges, where, normally, the first step is the construction of the tower.

The device is made through the corresponding transitions briddge the concrete and metal. These forces are balanced, not by some back stays as is usual, but by the weight of the alamollo backwards lean of the massive tower.

They realised that they must also allow for creep and shrinkage of the concrete in alamillk tower. Alamillo is a beautifully proportioned bridge. The Puente del Alamillo is the only [ citation needed ] bridge that is balanced solely through added weights not requiring any type of back anchorage. Cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge.

The Alamillo Bridge at night. Weld into place the steel ribs onto the box in parallel with step 4. They used the actual measured values in a computer programme to check against the performance of the actual bridge so they could be sure they understood how the bridge was behaving as it was built.

Alamillo Bridge – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

brldge This concept can be traced back to the sculpture by Calatrava entitled ‘Running Torso’, in which inclined stacked marble cubes are balanced by a tensioned wire. This new type of cable-stayed bridge, which substitutes the weight of an inclined pylon for one set of stay cables, creates a dialogue of balance between pylon and deck.

The most successful structural forms are often those informed by nature. The basic aesthetic downfall of many cable-stayed bridges is that the design only works in elevation and from oblique angles the cables crisscross and simplicity is lost. The top of the mast is actually a lookout. When all loadings and variations were considered by the construction designers and advisors and when they calculated the envelope of xlamillo possible maximum and minimum internal forces in the bridge they realised that they had to design bridge deck, the tower and the foundations to cope with very large bending moments.

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In addition to the elevated walkway, the Alamillo Bridge features a lookout at the top of the mast, accessible by an enclosed stairway.

InSantiago Calatrava, a Valencian architect known for his sculpted designs, proposed the construction of two mirroring bridges. The inclined pylon of Alamillo had no structural precedent.

Puente del Alamillo

There are two ways of avoiding this — using a single plane of cables, or arranging the cables in aalamillo form. Subscribe for Built Constructions Magazine Now. Unfortunately in escalating cost estimates led to the decision to scrap the design for a second bridge across the Guadalquivir.

Bbridge has a total length of meters. The anchor is a passive element in the face of the tilted mast, which compensates for its own weight in be bending stresses, no cables are required. Aesthetics Alamillo is a beautifully proportioned bridge. Latest Issue of Built Expressions on stand. Insoon after king Juan Carlos I announced Seville would host the World Universal Exposition of brdge commemorate the Discovery of America, plans were drafted to improve Seville’s infrastructure.

Similar to the Brooklyn Bridge, there is an elevated walkway for pedestrians. If you can see this, then your browser cannot display the slideshow text. The pylon is much heavier than the deck, and thus gives us the impression that it is the principal bridgee in the load system, but still has many design subtleties to reduce its impact.