Find great deals for Vintage AKG K K Parabolic Headphones Austria Decent. Shop with confidence on eBay!. User review from aphexhead about AKG K Parabolic. AKG K for sale. Up for sale are the highly regarded AKG K Parabolic Headphones. Considering their age they look great and sound.

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A description of the headphones must be included, including thoughts on sound, build, and fit. Pros – Big, lush, detailed, wide diffuse sound stage. I recently got AKG K in pretty good shape. When I hook them up with Xonar, they sound somewhat muddy, less clear than Presonus, though I feel that they can be way more punchy than they are now The sound is what I would call quite neutral and uncoloured without any excessive bass or treble that may sound impressive at first but can become fatiguing after a while.

And, in accordance to the design goals, they produce insane levels if desired and still sound good.

Cons – Open drivers collect dust. There’s one issue, though: Rules Be most excellent towards your fellow redditors. That detail means so far I have found them a bit source dependent where poor recordings sound poor. No, skg an account now. Want to add to the discussion? Overall they are warm, lush, but still keep the details.

AKG K Parabolic : headphones

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The capsules survived it but this isn’t really my preferred way of doing it at least not with a pair in good shape. With an amp that has some clean power, these phones can deliver insane volume levels without distortion. Written by andi85 Published Jun 13, Can you tell me more about how K should sound and what to do to make them sound that way? The way the four drivers interact, it is seemless and totally together. Before posting, please consider using the search function.

New hardware releases and news. Made between andthese headphones are big.

Moderators may remove posts at their discretion. Stereo ak can sound amazing and there is an all around the ear sense of space. Free access to service diagrams on the AKG website.

Pros – Honest sound, comfort, undistorted volume levels, fully serviceable. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. We have adopted a weight grade material which has begun to reduce from the brass block to the AKG K Parabolic self. I don’t really want to touch the drivers and I’m not sure I want to spray them with cleaning liquids either if I don’t really have to.

What we want to see Content that facilitates discussion about personal audio. Submit a new link. I’d like an advice or two on how to bring out the most our of the K Same goes for their sound: If you’re showing off your gear, the image must show the actual equipment, no solo pictures of boxes.

AKG K280 Parabolic Headphones [Expired]

The velours earpads for the K and K can be used if desired. It is nicely detailled, bass is good, treble slightly rolled off. Cons – Open drivers can collect dust, too hard to drive for portables.

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Prog Rock ManJul 21, The headphones feel kk280 and don’t squeeze my head. They j280 “nicer” than the and are easier to drive with a digital piano than the That problem, however, has been cured by a brand-new set of AKG velours pads.

Great comfort due to the self-adjusting headband. The twin-driver zkg of the K Parabolic has fascinated me for some time, so when I found a akh that was too cheap to be true, there was no way that I could resist. Soundstage is rather wide, instruments appear less inside the head than e. DIY projectsboth from the ground up and modding.

I don’t think so and it’s probably the best way to remove loose dust particles that are sitting on the diapraghms. Sort Reviews Sort Reviews By. The trouble is that some stuff will stick to the diaphragms after a while and I’m not really sure how to safely remove it.

AKG K | Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Although those are big phones that weigh a bit, I can wear them for hours with ag little fatigue and they feel spacious and “airy”. Submit a new text post.

To provide some more info, I listen to wide variety of music, from metal to electronica, to Tori Amos and Byzanthine chants