Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractorwhere the basis of payment is a Stipulated Sum. Init. /. AIA Document A™. Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor where the basis of payment is a Stipulated Sum. Init. /. AIA Document A™. The AIA A Standard Form Of Agreement Between the Owner and Contractor – Read and learn more by clicking here.

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The only way that boiler-plate contracts samlle ever be truly suitable ‘for most projects’ is when contractors all start doing the exact same work and all the construction projects are exactly the same. And once again I haven’t even touched on the many copies of the boiler-plate subcontractor contract you’ll need.

So if you use the A then you’re automatically roped into purchasing and using another of their forms the A It does everything I listed above plus SO much more. When using a contract that an attorney draws up for you it would be reusable an unlimited number of times presumably and would most likely be in Microsoft Word format.

AIA Forms A101

The form s reside in your library at PDFFiller aiia for you whenever you need them. Within 1 to 3 projects depending on how many subs you have on each project this program iaa have paid for itself. And if you choose to use photocopies beware that there’s a line of red text at the bottom of the document that warns the user and recipient that if the text isn’t red then the document isn’t original and could be out-of-date.


Comments Please enter your comments and questions about this article in the box below. Obviously having a contract that you can fill in with your computer and re-use is a definite pro as opposed to a con when it comes to hiring an attorney. Sure it’s written for your company but how can it possibly take into account every project that you’ll ever do? Click here to visit PDFFiller.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t do the exact same type of work that your contractor buddies do, or at least some of them. I’m also pretty sure rather presumptuous I am at times xia that it’s rather obvious to you, an informed contractor, that there are waaaaay more project sizes than the AIA could ever account for with contracts.

Unfortunately though the prices on these documents are astronomical – almost like the AIA thinks its forms aren’t just the gold standard but that they’re actually made of gold! They were the best contracts that could be had without the expense of an attorney.

Look Who’s Shacking Up Together! Your contracts will always be up-to-date and iron-clad!

You’d pay probably about the same as 5 to 10 AIA documents would cost you a110 but after those 5 to 10 uses you’d have to spend more money to get more AIA documents.

Construction Forms and Apps for your smart devices.

AIA Forms A Standard Form Of Agreement Between the Owner and Contractor

Answer a few questions and your new contract will write itself The Construction Contract Writer creates and manages your contracts for you. It’s a way for the AIA to ensure that you purchase new forms every time you need one; they know that the red text isn’t something you want to put in front of aka customers or your subs.


It’s not only the best program to use, it’s also the least expensive. According to the AIA head honchos the two documents A and A together will usually be ‘suitable for large or complex projects’. But really – how can boiler-plate contracts be “sufficient” or “good enough” for any contractor or any project? It might sound like not a big deal – until you find out how much each form costs for ONE usage keep reading for more info on that!

Back to samole top of this page: And I haven’t even yet taken into account all the contracts that you have to purchase for each sub on the job! State-Required Documents Each state’s program has sapmle single form sampe by that state.

There was a time when the AIA contracts were considered ‘the gold standard’. Everything is written from “in the trenches” experience. And how can it possibly take into account every type of trade you’ll ever need, and every subcontractor you’ll ever hire?

Nothing on my websites is to be considered legal advice.