The Ahiara Declaration. By Emeka Ojukwu. Markpress, Geneva, (for the. Government of Biafra), No price. These three books are General Ojukwu’s own. The Ahiara Declaration and Ndigbo. “Today, Monday January 16, in Ahiara, Imo State, we are commemorating an epochal event that. Ahiara Declaration was all about doctrines, philosophy, teachings and preachments about what a good government should be and do for the.

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Since the end of the Second World War she has fought hard to gain a foothold in Africa recognising, like the other imperialist powers before aahiara, the strategic importance of Africa in the quest for world domination.

They belong to declaratiln. In the course of this war, well over one million of us have been killed; yet the world is unimpressed and looks on in indifference. This brutal and unprecedented rape of a whole continent was a violent challenge to Negro self-respect.

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I am not power – you are. It defines a state without a social ideological void. You may have already requested this item. Our revolutionary Biafran State will guarantee a rational system of remuneration of labour.

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Fellow countrymen and women, the signs are auspicious, the future fills us with less foreboding. With the initiative in war now in our own hands, we have turned the last bend in our race to self-realisation and are now set on the home straight in this our struggle. Luckily too, all African states not like Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan, sworn enemies of the Negro, willing tools of white racism, white economic imperialism and Arab-Muslim expansionism.

This is why we in Biafra are convinced that the Negro can never come to his own until he is able to build modern states whether national or multi-national based on a compelling African ideology, enjoying real rather than sham independence, able to give scope to the full development of the human spirit in the arts and sciences, able to engage in dialogue with the white states on a basis of transparent equality and able to introduce a new dimension into international statecraft.

Nigeria — History — Civil War, Either move them to a job they can do, or provide the right training-on-the-job if this is likely to produce worthwhile results. Our enemies and their foreign sponsors have deliberately sought by false and ill-motivated propaganda to becloud the real issues which caused and still determine the course and character of our struggle.


Throughout the period of the ill-fated Nigerian experiment, the Muslims hoped to infiltrate Biafra by peaceful means and quiet propaganda, but failed. Do we accept any of these or do we maintain that Nigeria must rightly and urgently evolve to a healthy, dynamic and progressive state, such as would be the pride of black men the world over?

And in contrast, the Nigerian Federation in the form it was constituted by the British cannot by any stretch of imagination be considered an African necessity. Every day of the struggle bears witness to actions by our countrymen and women which reveal high ideals of patriotic courage, service and sacrifice; actions which show the will and determination of our people to remain free and independent but also to create a new and better order of society for the benefit of all.

It is too dangerous. The Police have often been criticised by the public. The will of the People meant nothing to them. Chris Ngige said the death of Ikemba Nnewi starts another phase of Igbo nationalist struggle, pointing out: Those who govern must not tyrannize over the people. Every Biafran should find it possible and easy to have recourse to law courts when his rights or liberties are interfered with or threatened.

They justified this trade in men by reference to biblical passages violently torn out of context. Some who do not wish Nigeria well may wish to differ, but, looking at what we, the Igbo, have achieved in every area of development with just N In the past, it was possible for a legislator to be a declaratin of state which is an executive post, in which case he neglected either his duty to his constituency or his duty to the state.

Fellow countrymen, we pride ourselves on our honesty. Even in the old political days, the oppressors of the People were among those who shouted loudest that power belonged to the People. The revolutionary Abiara State will at all times strive to provide medical service for all its citizens in accordance with the resources available to it; it will wage a continuous struggle against epidemic and endemic diseases; and will promote among the People knowledge of hygienic living.

The Ahiara declaration; the principles of the Biafran revolution in SearchWorks catalog

But the truth declarafion often is that we allow ourselves to be bullied because we are not man enough to demand and stand up for our rights, and that fellow citizens around do not assist us when we demand our rights. They grow out of our native soil and are the product of our peculiar climate. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: When we think of our Revolution, therefore, we think about these things.


The farmers were very drclaration, their standard of living had fallen steeply. I salute the memory of the many patriots who have laid down their lives in defence of our Fatherland. Home About Help Search.

In revolutionary Biafra, certain basic reforms in politics and political institutions are necessary in order to safeguard the liberty of the People and protect their interest. Our fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and children, to this very day, still fall victims of the unwritten law in Nigeria which seeks to wipe us off the map.

Our Biafran ancestors remained immune from the Islamic contagion.

Nigeria: Ojukwu, ‘Ahiara Declaration’ and Biafra

A fourth Region — the Midwestwas created by regular constitutional amendment in The Biafran Revolution will continue to discover and develop local talent and to use progressive foreign ideas and skills so long as they do not destroy the identity of our culture or detract from the sovereignty of our Fatherland. But like the others, our military institutions carry the stamp of their Colonial and Nigerian origin. Does the fact that they are black women, black children and black non-combatants make such a world of difference?

Fellow countrymen and women, we have seen in proper perspective the diabolical roles which the British Government and the foreign companies have played and are playing in our war with Nigeria.

Because the black man is considered inferior and servile to the white, he must accept his political, social and economic system and ideologies ready made from Europe, America or the Soviet Union. For us, a revolution is a change – a quick change, a change for the better. Surely, in the interest of national cohesion and socio-political stability, we must recognize the fact that our country simply cannot progress steadily, to the desired benefit and comfort of all the component dclaration, while operating an unstable elastic zoning system, which either shrinks to two or expands to six as and when it suits the sectional interest of any part of this vast and variegated nation.