Posted May 29, This trilogy forms a portion of the story of the Aghori Vimalananda. An aghori is a practitioner of Aghora, the spiritual discipline that takes. Dr. Robert E. Svoboda is an American author and ayurvedic doctor who gives lectures and courses around the world, related to the subjects of ayurveda, jyotish. Results 1 – 30 of 48 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Robert-Svoboda books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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Divine Fury: Recollections of a Renegade Guru

Trying to understand a spiritual concept by reading a book, is an exercise in futility, since all that we read therein are svoboad party accounts, hearsay, claims, and sundry tall tales. Different people have different things that they use.

Test on yourselves what I’ve told you. Usually delivered in days? How often do you see fire?

While ordinary aghoris define themselves by the external smashan, superior aghoris like Vimalananda create a smashan wherever they sit, that they may maintain simultaneous awareness of all versions of reality. After going through this book you will get her boon to overco Yes, there is black magic all over India; there is a black magic all over Malaysia.

But A few years ago I forgot and ended up offering Her quite a svobodz of blood actually.

The Aghora Trilogy: Three Books by Dr. Robert Svoboda

Open indulgence in alcohol and other intoxicants and frank acknowledgment of his enthusiastic sex life served to drive all but the most persistent postulants from his unmarked door. It identifies with your name and with your address and what you do and what you like to wear, how much you like to drink, what you like to eat. The nature of ahamkara and Kundalini for that matter is to identify with things. To reinforce by remembering them the noble sentiments that uplift my humanity, and to weaken by forgetting them my personal human debilities, born of selfishness and insecurity.

Just because you have a teacher it does not mean that you can take everything that the teacher does, without using your discernment, your viveka, your buddhi. Jul 16, Anirudh rated it it was amazing. Read reviews that mention must read good book left hand read this book reading this book aghora spirituality tantra knowledge practices readers content idea rituals view writer aghoris contains disturbing india. It will guide you like a compass on this vast unclear ground.


Lastly, it may not be a book for ‘beginners’ – it might be easierr to start with Living with Himalayan Masters and Autobiography of a Yogi. Vimalananda never sought to capitalize on his capabilities by soliciting public recognition.

There it is far easier to recall how all the world eventually ends up on a funeral pyre. Customers who bought this item also bought. You have to maintain your organism doing whatever it is that you need to do sufficient so that it will be stable enough that you can maintain your connection and amplify your connection, without it causing you to become completely Vata aggravated.

And also coming back to the question of ahamkara diseases: I think one time read wasn’t enough, and it definitely requires a 2nd read. If you stick your finger into the electric socket, the electricity does not want to kill you, on the other hand it will kill you. The third book in the Aghora trilogy featuring Dr. Though some of his practices as described in the book maybe disturbing or shocking to read for some people, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the de Fascinating first hand account of the life of an Aghori living the dual life of a householder in the heart of Mumbai then Bombay as well as of a hard core Aghori doing some incredible deeds as his sadhna.

May be also one question about raw food and raw diet, which has become very popular among Western yogis now.

The Aghora Triology – a set of three books that were so fascinating that I finished them all in a fortnight. And then start to act on the basis of what they think, they posses.

This book offers an introductory look at the dynamics of space and reveals how aligning ourselves to our personal spaces can be of benefit. Aghoris become so desperate in their quests that they channel their every thought and feeling into a super-obsession, a single-minded quest to achieve the Beloved.

And I think it is a very fine thing, except that of course like anything else it can be misused. My boss recommended this book while having a conversation. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how to rate this book.


Utilizing herbs and minerals, proper nutrition and purification and, above all, affirmative ways of living, Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person and emphasizes prevention of disease to avoid the need for cure.

For him he used Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, for me I like very much Ayawaska, taken with some other things to alter the effect slightly. You have to be very careful when you start using things that are very strong and very poisonous so that you only get the good effect and not the bad effect.

He never xghora to teach lessons whenever he became satisfied that they were called for. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Less of the philosophy of Shiva and it’s link and evolution to the way of life and outlook sgoboda Aghoris. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda | Drupal

Not for the weak-hearted definitely. Like a good aghori he always followed his spontaneous ardor, and like an indulgent mother She always protected aghorq from his own fervor. Free yourself from these snares and you will find yourself well down the path to union with the infinite. As we are seeing now in the West, this traditional Indian knowledge has become more and more popular.

Lived in India and He knew that, there being but one Reality, any distinction between the mundane and the spiritual can only be one of degree.

He had spoken for years of writing a book himself, which he would have called Anubhava Siddha Karo! This book wghora not merely a book, it is boon in the form of a book. Had dabbled a bit in Tantra, a decade or so ago, so would not label this one as insane or totally bizarre.

He believed in devoting his all to the pursuit of the direct perception of Ahhora, and advised others to be similarly dedicated to attaining personal experience of God.