Offered today by The Music Room: One Adcom GFA Amplifier. This unit is coming from the collection of a prolific collector and avid audiophile where it was . Hi, has anyone ever A/Bed the Adcom to the Adcom I know the Adcom has the fan built in, while the Adcom took the fan. View and Download Adcom GFA owner’s manual online. high current power amplifier. GFA Amplifier pdf manual download.

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500 Also looking at a Vincent SP never heard that one either! The data out there shows they all sound the same. How does it hold up over time?

Sonically it is a little less refined than the Odyssey Stratos that replaced it. Good luck w the journey.

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It is a quality amplifier. Below clipping, they all sound the same. One guy tells you “they are all alike” Ratings and Reviews Write a review. The lowest-priced ascom that has been used or worn previously.

Adcom GFA-5800 Owner’s Manual

Never had any issues with it. Beautiful This is best sounding Amp i have ever heard and i have heard many, many. I hooked this amp up to a set of Klipsch RF-7s very efficient popped in a cd and sheer enjoyment filled my ears.


As for the rest of the amplifier debate, I have found my experience, measurements, and opinions are irrelevant. Warm and inviting is how I would decribe it, but what do you expect it’s an Adcom, I’m sorry it’s a Nelson Pass designed Adcom, even better.

The GFA has a fan that was audible in my quiet room. Does anyone have experience with this Nelson Pass design? People believe what they want, on both sides. If the sonic characteristics I described above are what you look for in a power amp, you might addom aassuming, of course, it is operating in like-new condition. Originally Posted by snowx Last edited by ss; at With watts per channel, the delicate sounds of instrumentals and the thumping bass of heavy metal are pumped out with outstanding audio quality.

Addcom A Full Member Posts: I have a guy that lives close to me selling his whole system off and he will sell me His Adcom the thing is spotless and works fine other than the power button is stuck on and does not turn off so you got you some sort of switch or replace it.

I have since switched over to a Music Reference tube amp that I consider superior to either of those except with regard to bass tightness. The signal to noise ratio is dB.


It has watts per channel and it’s a beast. It has been quite a few years since I spent a considerable amount of time auditioning the Adcombut I do recall it was a very nice power amp. Scottdazzle Full Member Posts: Out of curiosity, in the blind testing in which you participated, which power amplifiers sounded identical to you?


Show More Show Less. It drove Thiel 2. Are they still around? The Adcom GFA is a top of the line amplifier. You won’t be giving up much to the Hafler is worth a look too. Originally Posted by zgeneral. Last edited by tubetwister; at Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. It maintains a constant output of power with a high damping factor. I have one for the left and right channel in the bedroom surround system to drive 4 ohm speakers for the left and right as I also need something not too deep to fit behind the center channel and underneath the TV.

Alex It has been quite a few years since I spent a considerable amount of time auditioning the Adcombut I do recall it was a very nice power amp. These are very underrated. I owned that amp for about 10 years. The heavy amplifier produces distortion-free sound with very little vibration. I’m considering buying one used. Surely better but for some reason just as cheap or cheaper than Adcom.

Originally Posted by ss