I messed up a few times while performing Stigmata. I pretty much have all the patter (although not too original) down. I just need some help and. Acidus Directus: An Acidus Novus Handling Tweak. By Jay Jennings. (In the description below, when I say the front or back of the card, I mean in relation to the. I’m starting to delve a little bit into mentalism at the moment and I’ve recently been trying to get to grips with Acidus Novus but I have one main.

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Shawn Mullins Find latest posts. Granted, you will no longer have to draw circles, crystal balls or TV screens on your billets to make sure the thought is properly positioned Luckily I was walking the business card I was using a fair distance so I had time to flip everything around and get the peek.

Its a strong mental effect with some good ideas that i use all the time, is the label i gave it really acids frustrating to you? What I dont get is, after watching the trailer you didn’t catch the peak and now that you know how it works your just bashing it.

Magic Tricks

He covers handlings you won’t find elswhere. His books, Shalosh and Shalosh 3 which includes his amazing peekare incredible! Acidus Npvus How can I get this down better? Because it’s a full billet peekwith no restrictions on where the writing is placed on the billet, accidus why!


This is what professional mentalists and readers have been waiting for — a totally natural billet technique that can be used for stage or close-up, impromptu or prepared.

Sneak Peak by Bedros Akkelian

Hi Guys, I still market this book: In acieus, it’s probably safe to say that since it’s the BEST billet reading method available today, you’ll be able to save a bundle of money, since you’ll no longer need any expensive wallets or peek cases! It also appears in his book mokele i think.

I “think” it is near the Berlin Bears or whatever section. Began magic at 9 in I just need some help and tips hovus how I can do do the ANP better. What should I say?

Once everything has taken place and the spectator is handed back the billet, after the reveal, what is going to stop the spectator from examining the billet and working out what’s going on?

Mar 5, Messages: A couple of more general tips in the meantime.

First, don’t worry about it. I use the idea of making sure the spec. Exclusive Forum The Back Room: To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we’ve included ready-to-go Microsoft Word templates for the perfect Acidus Novus billets that will allow you to identify thought-of numbers, colors, cards — you name it!


Just hold it and read it. It is a situation that’s so bad that I’ve seen groups refuse to bring back certain lecturers unless they promise to cover card magic. Originally Posted by Shawn Mullins. Share This Page Tweet.

Acidus-novus Magic Tricks

I just recently used it at a birthday party and accidentally put the line on the wrong section. While it’s a foregone conclusion that many critics will be tempted to focus on the home video production values, it’s not likely the working professional will really nocus.

The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.

This technique is not a child’s toy. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for The Pro Shop newsletter. Make sure your customers never lose your information, with a Digital Business Card. Millard Longman has long been one of the moving forces nnovus modern mentalism!