In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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Costing-based profitability eap uses the defined value fields, which represent the cost and revenue element groups. These are words and characters that you enter in the system exactly as they appear in the documentation.

Each amount is stored in up to three different currencies under fixed basic key figures, a6c05 are accessed in reporting. This means the key field values need to be known if derivation is to be successful for a particular field. As an alternative or supplemental demonstration, you may want to show the customizing monitor, a new tool as of Release 4.

Operating Concern and its Attributes For this purpose, an understanding about the characteristic derivation and valuation concepts is required.

SAP – Profitability Analysis

Fiscal year variant The fiscal year variant determines the number of posting periods for each fiscal year. In a standard, manufacturing, costing environment, the breakdown into fixed and variable standards may be important when analyzing profitability.

The surcharge or reduction overhead type determines whether a percentage of a certain value should be calculated or an absolute value multiplied by a quantity field should be calculated.

These include field names, screen titles, pushbuttons as well as menu names, paths, and options. Customers normally do not set up table look-ups and they need to know how the look-ups work because it may not be the way they want a field to be derived.

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You can configure the attributes to store values in the local currency as well. What do I want to report on? Additional functions are available when you use the SAP list viewer to display derivation analysis.

Ensure that they are aware of the parallel currencies.

Profitability Analysis

Create a line item in Profitability Analysis: Which of these value fields are configured for the operating concern? They also require sales and marketing expenses along these lines.

It defines at which organizational level a particular value is calculated. In addition to those values determined through the automatic mappings, derivation can access additional information, such as characteristic values, both on and off the originating transaction.

With periodic valuation you can use the updated costs or the actual wap costs to revaluate the line items posted with standard manufacturing costs at the start of the period. The data posted in CO-PA is determined through automatic and manual mappings and through derivation and valuation configuration. Options for Derivation Steps The system goes through a sequence of steps in attempting to locate a characteristic value for each characteristic for a COPA-relevant transaction.

Line item data and the information from the CE Data Structures 53 Exercise 2: The Derivation strategy table allows the user to move steps up or down the list. The costs consist of the cost of goods manufactured of the products sold or the services rendered plus any production variances known.

Tools Performance Tools 45 Minutes Exercise The total combination of segment-level characteristic values for a given transaction consists of the definition of the relevant profitability segment, which is the account assignment object for CO-PA.

In addition to these new graphics, nothing has changed in the course material. There are a number of optional exercises, which can be used at your discretion.

This table works somewhat backwards ax605 you define here which characteristics should be non segment level. The costing sheet combines calculated conditions and so called Base Conditions.

Which sales organizations are assigned to the company code, ?

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List of standard SAP Study Materials | Pablo Gallardo’s Blog

Select Wap lookup for Customer Classification from Customer and then select: Derivation Rule Derivation rules are used to determine characteristic values through user-defined logic. It is used in costing-based profitability analysis only because account-based profitability analysis is reconciled with Financial Accounting and does not use estimated values.

It contains the profit segment number, certain technical characteristics, and the values for value fields. Your Sales Manager requires reports for the customer group and sales district and would like to know whether the values for these fields can be read directly from customer master and sales document tables. Management Accounting is made up of multiple application components optimized for processing different approaches to managerial accounting. Which company codes are assigned to the controlling area, ?

Because the operating concern has to be regenerated each time a change is made, no changes should be made to the operating concern, IDEA. Profit center valuation In addition to storing data in these two currencies using the legal company code, valuation view, you can also store data in both of these currencies valuated from the viewpoint of individual profit centers. Then, proceed with the above demonstration. Structures AC Defining Data Structures Explain to the participants that several steps are involved in defining an operating concern.

This would create as ac05 summary records as line items. Master Data AC Demonstration: Use the customer group, 01, and sapp year of your sample data. The information contained herein may be changed without prior notice.

Explain the concepts of periodic revaluation and valuation in planning. At any time, you can reset the templates to their original settings.