Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) [Michael Abrash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has done . Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition has 65 ratings and 3 reviews. — Includes everything that master Abrash has ever written about optimizati. Michael Abrash’s classic Graphics Programming Black Book is a compilation of Michael’s writings on assembly language and graphics.

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However, it takes an average of about 45 cycles on an What we really want is to know how long useful working code takes to run, not how long a single instruction takes, and the Zen timer gives us the blck we need to gather that information. Consequently, the Zen timer tends to be more accurate for longer code sequences, since the relative lback of the inaccuracy introduced by the Zen timer becomes less over longer periods.

Exclusive-OR animation should be avoided in favor of simply writing images to display memory whenever possible. I am not a game dev but I love to write performant code, it’s just a personal satisfaction when I know my code is making the best use of the hardware. Christopher Coster rated it it was amazing Jul 26, Like readgetc calls DOS to read from the file; the speed improvement of Listing 1. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book, Special Edition

This area is the domain of hardware engineers, and is boo, never discussed as it relates to code performance. A third approach is alteration of ZTimerReport to print the result over a serial port to a terminal or to another PC acting as a terminal. By contrast, Listing 5. Personally, I’d like to do some iOS stuff, and perhaps keep the same code running on Android.


Share your thoughts with other customers. Note that I said that an assembly programmer can generate better code than a compiler, not will generate better code. Clearly, then, the prefetch queue cycle-eater is nothing more than one aspect of the 8-bit bus cycle-eater. Although more than a little dated these days.

The display adapter cycleis another possible culprit, and, on s and later processors, blzck misses and pipeline execution hazards produce this sort of effect as well. Boyer-Moore String Searching 2.

Does anybody have a mirror? Game Engine Black Book: Yes, it’s still worth a read, the assembly parts have become somewhat historic but it’s a nice explanation of the “way of thinking” that’s still valid today if you need to optimise in assembly of course, targeting it for the modern archs. Adding a Dimension 1. In text mode, the display adapter cycle-eater is rarely a major factor. Please be aware that the inaccuracy that the Zen timer can introduce into the system clock time does not affect the accuracy of the performance abrzsh reported by glack Zen timer itself.

His Graphics Programming Black Book is similarly great, and covers lback so general and wide ranging that the title becomes a bit of a misnomer.

If an IRQ0 interrupt is pending, then timer 0 has turned over and generated a timer interrupt. Such a function would be useful for scanning up to a maximum number of characters in a zero-terminated buffer.

The assembly language implementation is indeed faster than any of the C versions, as shown in Table 1. In contrast, Listing 5. Also, later chapters often refer back to the basic cycle-eaters described in this chapter, so this chapter is the foundation for the discussions of xfamily optimization to come.

Both the presence of wait states and the number of wait states inserted on any given bus access are entirely controlled by the device being accessed. You must also learn to look at your programming problems from a variety of perspectives so that you can put those fast instructions to work in the most effective ways.


In the same chapter, Mr.

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition: Table of Contents

While the instructions themselves were individually optimized, the overall approach did not make the best possible use of the instructions. Thanks to Will Fastie for giving me my first crack at writing for a large audience in the long-gone but still-missed PC Tech Journaland for showing me how much fun it could be in his even longer-vanished but genuinely terrific column in Creative Computing the most enjoyable single column I have ever read in a computer magazine; I used to haunt the mailbox around the beginning of the month just to see abdash Will had to say.


Both instructions are 2 bytes long, and in both cases it is the 8-cycle instruction fetch time, not the 3 anrash 4-cycle Execution Unit execution time, that limits performance. View the list of supported HTML tags you can use to style comments. Running your code from display memory is sort of like running on a hypothetical —an with a 4-bit bus.

Since SHR executes in 2 cycles but is 2 bytes long, the prefetch queue should be empty while Listing abdash. I have not read the entire thing yet, but I’m sure there are other revelations to be had in there.

Graphics Programming Black Book

Get a profiler—and use it! All of that takes a long time—far, far longer than the rest of the main loop in Listing 1. These are considerable improvements, well worth pursuing—once the design has been maxed out.