2N 2N 2N Units. Collector – Emitter Voltage. VCEO. . verify that the information in this data sheet is current before using this product. Visit for additional data sheets and product information. Forward Current Transfer Ratio. IC = 10 Adc, VCE = 3 Vdc. 2N 2N NPN POWER SILICON TRANSISTOR. Qualified per MIL-PRF/ T4- LDS Rev. 1 (). Page 1 of 5. DEVICES. LEVELS. 2N 2N

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Allegheny Ludlum EIM6, 29 gauge. Typical Regulator Circuit Layout cont. This transformer coupled circuit will produce forward and reverse voltages applied to the FET gate which vary with the duty cycle as shown.

2N6249 Datasheet PDF

All other components remain cool to the touch. The full- wave bridge is usually used in all other high-current applications. The ac line inrush current, during power-up, is limited by resistor R1. Reverse Bias Protection — Occasionally, there exists the possibility that the input voltage to the regulator can collapse faster than the output voltage.

In this situation, an opto coupler is commonly used to couple the feedback signal from the output back to the control IC. Wires with tracers are coded in the same manner as solid-color wires, allowing additional circuit identification over solid-color wiring. Semiconductor Mounting Considerations An area of regulator construction which frequently does not receive proper attention is the mounting of the semiconductor power devices.

2N6249 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

However, if problems are minimal, or none exist, it is possible to stay with the same core or even consider using the next smaller size. Datashwet current may be the output of a logic gate or buffer or other external circuitry. Transformer tests in the actual supply are usually done with a high voltage dc power supply on the primary and with a pulse generator or other manual control for the pulse width drive such as using the control IC in an open loop configuration.


The output is bypassed using a small 0. Ripple test data for various types of capacitors is shown in Table The remaining half of the device is configured for line loss and brownout detection.

2N Datasheet(PDF) – Comset Semiconductor

All are nonweatherproof and have a nonconstant impedance. Most of these are evident to the designer who has already started comparing data sheets. The exposure also makes it easier to bring out connections for tapped windings. Conventional E and pot core ferrites are difficult to work with because their permeability is too high even with relatively large gaps 50 to mili-inches.

Multiply these numbers by multiples of ten to get other standard values. Output currents in excess of mA can be obtained depending on input voltage, heatsinking and maximum ambient temperature. Sometimes primary interwinding capacitance presents a small current spike, but usually tum-on transients are not a problem. Output Transistor current and voltage waveforms, along with load lines, are shown in Figures and Heatsink to be constructed from Ye” 0.

Low Vio drift amplifier 2. An undervoltage-inhibiting circuit is added externally to the control IC. Therefore, it is important that the circuit lead lengths be short and the layout as tight as possible.

CRCW Series 0.

A typical good circuit layout is shown in Figure for an MCR regulator circuit configuration. Appliance socket Buccaneer7-pole Temperature range: The voltage Vq is 9iven by: In this section, guidelines will be given on proper regulator layout and placement of circuit components. Table lists devices offered along with key parameters.

datashet Additional emitter follower output 4. The required 6Sa for the heatsink is then determined using Equations Since the indicator outputs of the MC are open collector devices, any one dataeheet the indicator outputs can activate all of the crowbars without any interference.


For detail specifica- tions, refer to Section The Discrete Sense Circuit Figure In-House Counterfeit Detection Lab. UL 94 V-0 Material: In dealing with the continuous mode, it should also be noted that the transistor must now tum-on from to V rather than V level, because there no longer is any dead time to allow the flyback voltage to settle back down to the input voltage level.

The body of the wire is white and the color band spirals around the wire lead. A capacitor of the 2h6249 value marked C0G is a suitable replacement for an NP0 unit.

If a sufficient dwtasheet of half cycles are missing, or if the brownout continues for a sufficient time, the circuit will detect an ac line fault and output a line fault indication on the indicator output. The inverting inputs of both amplifiers are connected together to a 2. S 10, Input C pF 4 5 5 5 Standard resistor values include 3. Made from soft alloy copper 0.

The output voltage, Vo, is equal to, or a multiple of, Vref. Continued from previous page. An internal-linear sawtooth oscillator is frequency-programmable by two external components, Rj and Cy.

Motorola Silicon Rectifier Manual, Because full line rather than half is applied to the primary winding, the power output can almost double that of the half bridge with the same switching transistors.

Second, and probably even more important, transformer saturation problems are easily minimized by use of a small coupling capacitor 2. In this circuit Vref is given by: