26a. By Diana Evans. pp. William Morrow. $ IT didn’t occur to me that my parents belonged to different races until I was 12 years old. Diana Evans’s very enjoyable debut novel begins with death. Michael Jackson, and the twins have their own world – 26a – up in the attic. Summary and reviews of 26a by Diana Evans, plus links to a book excerpt from 26a and author biography of Diana Evans.

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Fiction Book Review: 26a by Diana Evans, Author . Morrow $ (p) ISBN

The writing was amazing, the story fascinating, the characters highly likable and interesting – but it was SO depressing. If Bel was as mystical as everyone believed, why couldn’t she save Georgia? It creates a sort of magical world within the real world, spins a story that’s almost an epic.

That is a good line. The parents’ marriage is broken as the mother is daydreaming of a better life back in What a ride. Unlike other reviews I didn’t find the ending abrupt or rushed, for me it was poignant and touching. The book just slides down after the ‘attempted’ rape and never shows and promise of being ressurected I felt Evans dealt with it perfectly; the red days, the yellow days, the unable to leave the house days.

Journal of Postcolonial Writing. She never gets over it and just slides down into an abyss evanss no hope, the other twin who did show great promise of being an independent young woman, comes back Started off on a good footing, the story of a family, essentially the story of a pair of twins, of mixed origins, African and English.


Diana Evans

After an acid trip, the “shadows” in her head become voices urging self-destruction. Hard to believe that this is Diana Evans first book. I think the concept of the bond between twins is taken to new, unwanted proportions.

It was not sad in an “awww-this-is-so-sad”-way, it was completely and utterly depressing. This was absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking in rvans measures.

I have never, not ever, encountered a Nigerian or Nigerian-descended author who has never written about twins. Books of the Fvans. Ida’s comment – “That’s Georgia” – was right on.

Books by Diana Evans. It follows the lives of a family made up of a white, British father, an African mother who has emigrated to England, and their biracial daughters: I found this accidentally at the library and picked it up to see if I would recommend it for my book club.

But the ending was meaningless, and I am annoyed for wasting my time. No trivia or quizzes yet. But they are not the only siblings in the family, there is also an older sister and a younger sister and the relationships between the four is comes across as heartbreakingly beautiful, as they grow up in a dysfunctional family, but nonetheless a family.

Diana Evans – Wikipedia

The writing was good, the narrative less compelling. Georgia and Bessi were born 45 minutes apart to an English father and a Nigerian mother. Very intense and diwna important for me to go deep into the details of emotional pain, dark fears and the inability to continue living.

Nov 02, JK rated it it was amazing. Also liked the correspondence between the girls when Bessie went to St. But innocen A hauntingly beautiful, wickedly funny, and devastatingly moving novel of innocence and dreams that announces the arrival of a major new talent to the literary scene In the attic room at 26 Waifer Avenue, identical twins Georgia and Bessi Hunter share nectarines and forge their evanns, while escaping from the sadness and danger that inhabit the floors below.


How a brief moment of incredible fear or sadness as a child can trigger anxiety as an adult. May 20, Roo rated it really liked it. It may have been the turn of the century but I am quite sure medical aid could have saved Georgia’s life. I liked the characters less and less, and cared less and less about what happened to them; by the end, I was rolling my eyes.

26a. Diana Evans

It speaks to the heart of mental illness without ever diiana the words. The second half picked up at a much faster pace as you realise that something is terribly wrong with Georgia and may be unable to comprehend the subtle references to red days, yellow days, blue days and the drill.

But innocence lasts for only so long–and dreams, no matter how vivid and powerful, cannot slow the relentless incursion of the real world.