Page 1. CR R. Page 2. Block E-1 CYLINDER/CYLINDER HEAD. Refnr Part Number. Part Description. Unit Qty. Repair Qty. Price SEK. (excl. VAT). 1. View and Download Honda CRR owner’s manual online. CRR Motorcycle pdf manual download. Does anyone have a pdf of the 04 manual or if not, does anyone know http://

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Turning the adjuster screw one full turn clock- stages with separate adjusters. For purchases outside U. Make two or three laps of a course with the standard ing: Turn the fuel valve ON.

Throttle Grip 23 — adjuster all the way in and back out one turn. Indicates a strong possibility of severe personal injury or death if instructions are not followed. The fuel line leading to the carburetor must be dis- 7.

Pour the recommended fork oil into the fork tube. Tighten the lock nut. Originally Posted by bear Check cr25 drive chain rollers for wear. Portal Forums Photo Gallery. Inspect and Clean, Adjust, Lubricate or Replace if necessary.

Manvel to be exact. Check spoke cr2550 and rim lock nut securely. Aluminum corrodes when it comes in contact with When washing your CR, always use water or water and dust, mud and road salt.


Apply the recommended fork oil to the O- Insert both fork legs into the fork clamps. Starting The Engine ance by paying extra attention to how you ride during 2. Standard 50 Teeth, Aluminum. Loosen the rear axle nut. Clean the threads of the fork protector bolts and axle Clean the surfaces where the axle and axle clamps Align the brake caliper and hose with the left fork leg, holder thoroughly.


Indicates severe personal injury or death will result if instructions are not followed. Turn the fork damper upside down for 10 minutes and NOTE: On soft ground, sand tracks and especially muddy tracks, you want more compression damping force 1.

Definetly hit up beumont I havent been there in over 6 months going through withdrawls.

Remove the float cg250 plug, float bowl screws and holder. Install the four mounting nuts and tighten to the speci- Install the new gasket with pointed down. Perform this operation in Install the hanger plate and tighten the bolts. Piston Inspection We recommend you consult the Service Manual or your authorized Honda dealer for correct service limit measurements.

General Service Information Check spoke tension and rim lock nut securely.


Use a stopwatch for consist- or somewhere in the pack. Any chance i could get one of those CD’s? Drive chain links Shock spring thorized Honda dealer. Don’t show me this message again.

Dirtbike Forums Portal – Top. I have it on CD, its real clean, not some crappy scan of each page.

Chassis Adjustments For Track Conditions 7. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If you want to check the If the electrodes appear burnt, or the insulator is white ignition timing, refer to the Honda Service Manual.


Its getting hot so if you wanna ride lets make it soon and go hit up beumont or somethin. Carburetor If you are under 1 turn out, the the fuel to the carburetor.

Apply Honda Thread Lock or an equivalent to the threads. The motorcycle load limit and. Amount of fork manuql left in the fork unit: Pour a fresh recommended coolant mixture page stand or equivalent to raise both tires off the 1. Page 45 Teeth Teeth bly, hold the chain ends against adjacent rear used in preference to motor oil. I could just roll by and pick it up one day.

All information in cr2550 publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of approval for printing. Service or disposal should only be done by your loose swingarm bearings. Oct Last Online: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Honda CR250R 2004 Owner’s Manual

Jul Last Online: Mismatching of parts on reassembly can measurably affect full engine per- formance. Spark Plug If you want to check the If the electrodes appear burnt, or the insulator is white ignition timing, refer to the Honda Service Manual. Page 72 Pour the recommended fork oil into the fork tube. Just cover the shipping for me and i will mail a CD copy out for you.