Ever since an accident turned her into a knockout vamp, Elvi Black’s been catching her z’s in a coffin, staying out of the sun, and giving up garlic. She kno. The Accidental Vampire is the seventh book in the Argeneau Vampire series by popular romance author Lynsay Sands. The Accidental Vampire is, like all the. Read “The Accidental Vampire An Argeneau Novel” by Lynsay Sands with Rakuten Kobo. Ever since an accident turned her into a knockout vamp, Elvi Black’s.

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I really enjoy reading all of her books, especially the immortal series. But someone seems to be attacking Elvi with arrows, and it’s up to them all to look after her and to try to find out who is trying to kill her. Elvie then takes all the men with her to purchase tje new bed. Five hundred people in this town? Knight of My Dreams.

Vampires Like It Hot. By living like an idiot, Elvi has also mistakenly broken many vampire laws. Victor is an ancient and powerful immortal, but even he is shocked when he arrives at Port Henry to find vampird the whole town knows Elvi is a vampire. Except, who would want to kill her? When the other vampires inform her that yes, she can actually eat, Elvi runs out immediately to ljnsay grocery store and is escorted by all the men, who enable her lack of impulse control enthusiastically.

I just finished a reread of this book.

The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands – Book Review

As her friends age they fear that she will be left alone and subsequently place a personals ad in the paper. Most of the suspense for me came from wondering who was putting the Stupid Juice in the town’s water supply, but alas, that mystery was never resolved. I thought to myself, hmmmm…. I keep all my alpha males chained to my basement and guard them fiercely. But all in all it was in the same aspect as the rest of Sands books in this series, quirky, funny, sexy, and a most weird way of hooking up with someone.


Fully involved in the Lynsay Sands Argeneau Vampires series….

I love it when the Argeneau men drop their defenses. Stupidest heroine of the series.

The Accidental Vampire

Vampires are from Atlantis, and they have things in their blood called “nanos” which keep them ever-young, but are fueled adcidental blood. Rolling his eyes, Victor turned to peer out the tinted car window at the passing night.

In this series View all Book 8. And since this apparently takes place in Disney land, everyone finds a life mate among the geriatric residents of this ridiculous town. Apparently 6 vampires had been invited down to spend the week getting to know the Vampire in the ad.

Everything she does, no matter how mundane or how careless, is fascinating to them. He took the opportunity to stretch his arms and legs, relieved to be out of the car. Last chapter has been added The last chapter has been added. In need of rest and rejuvenation, she embarks for a vacation far from home.

Lynsay Sands writes with a light-hearted touch and there are plenty of opportunities for humour in The Ghe Vampire, as Elvi realises that she can eat cheesecake and sleep in a real bed not a coffin after five years of abstinence. Another scream cut the air as she raced up the hall.


The story line of Evie becoming a vampire by accident was pretty clever. A muchos no les puede parecer bueno, pero este libro para mi representa un refrescamiento en la saga y si algunas situaciones son absurdas como que todo el pueblo sepa, o la feria, o el sannds haciendose pasar por vampiro, pero eso hace a esta historia un muy buen impulsor para seguir leyendo. Two hilarious scenes stand out for me; one, after she learns that she can in fact eat, and makes a mad dash to the store in search of chocolate and cheesecake.


Every once in a while I like to mix things up with a historical romance, a steampunk or an LGBT avmpire. They both glanced along the road, reading the store fronts.

Book review: Lynsay Sands’ *The Accidental Vampire (Argeneau Vampires, Book 7)*

I am giving 2 stars because I listened on audio and figure reading it would have been a little better. And best friends so i The book was gorgeous. Don’t like your audiobook? Ever since an accident turned her into a knockout vamp, Elvi Black’s been catching her z’s in a coffin, staying out of the sun, and giving up garlic. Victor Argeneau is an enforcer for the Council.