B-Year, Sex, Male. FIDE Arbiter/Trainer. Title, FIDE Senior Trainer (). Profile | Rating Progress | Game Statistics · View Games of a Player online. Chess player profile of Lev Psakhis: Chess Games, Play Style, Ranking, Tournament History and Community comments. A well-known Grandmaster stood a serious operation. It’s already several months that a well-known Grandmaster and a coach Lev Psakhis is.

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Later, at the end fo the forties and in the early fifties, it became known to a wide circle of players and was incorporated in the repertoire of Botvinnik and Petrosian, but never became really popular.

Qh5 White seems to be on the point of success, but Nothing is given in the GA agenda regarding Ilyumzhinov, but you never know, something might occur Any elected or appointed official in FIDE can be removed There are general assessments and descriptions of the character of various ideas.

Steinitz, Classical and Other Variations. Psakhis’s witty style shines on every page of this profound yet accessible work, which will entertain as it instructs. Consequently, he has developed an affinity with the French Defence and is a noted expert on it, beginning with writing The Complete French and The Complete Benoni for B. Keep on going, Lev.


No PayPal account needed. Always wondered why he and Romanishin for example would not climb higher on the ladder. I can see all the games in the database, sure, but here it is organized and selected by a strong psaknis Lev Psakhis was a two-time Soviet Champion and was in his prime as a player at the time.

How would you evaluate the match and your result? Now I still cannot move, but every day there’s an improvement.

“The Complete French” by Lev Psakhis –

I live in Siberia. Born in Siberiahe is also a two-time former champion of the Soviet Union. The World Players’ Council. First of all, there is a lot of the author’s own analysis. If you already have an account, you should login now.

Psakhis vs D Kaiumov. I don’t know – I think probably through a catalogue. However, understanding is not conferred simply by an author telling you, e.

“The Complete French” by Lev Psakhis

Bad luck being sandwiched between the established Karpov and the rising Kasparov, probably. Many puzzle positions are included so the reader is fully involved.

The majority of the moves contained therein were actually played on the board by strong players. PDF Excerpt A mastery of tactics is essential to a competitive chess player and Lev Psakhis is ideally qualified to show the way.


Lev Psakhis was born on November 29 th in Krasnoyarsk. Nobody has ever written with more insight on the French My positive view of the book is partly due to Psakhis’ breezy writing style. A64 Benoni, Fianchetto, Get well soon Lev.

Due out is Advanced Chess Tactics.

I’m not saying to go out and buy this book if you can find itI just decided to review it because it was an influential book on me, and also it gave me the opportunity to discuss opening books in general. N Rashkovsky vs Psakhis. A75 Benoni, Classical with Thus, for me – personally – books more like The Complete French would be reasonable nowadays, if I were just learning an opening.