Letraset 64 Letraset Digitek Letraset Dolmen Letraset Donaldson Hand. Discover ideas about Typography Books. Letraset Catalogue, (unknown date and designer). Such a simple visual concept that embodies the whole Letraset. The ITC Library OpenType Edition Catalog 4. Monotype . ITC Library. Belshaw, Nick;Meeks, Alan;Letraset, / (Newman, Bob).

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I opted for the rather bland Helvetica bold. Would love to be able to type with it!

Space age fonts from the Letraset catalogue. It can be a very useful reference point. Fill in your details below oetraset click an icon to log in: It was a digital version of the transfer sheet catalogue that I was really after. It is fascinating to see that Letraset are now big in the Manga market and hold very successful monthly manga art competitions online, for art drawn using their colouring pens and materials. I still own a massive bag of Letraset sheets.

Letraset catalog | Typophile

Feathers three and fleur-de-lis Learn how your comment data is processed. The stationary shop in town had a fonr small selection. It is a lovely font, rather gothic, or am I meaning faerie?

I was at university at the time and I have to admit I mostly used the catalogue as a source book for drawing my letraseh fonts in pen and ink — badly, no doubt, as I am not a natural artist. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I did find the sanskritweb PDF, but as you are probably aware, it doesn’t show the full founts. Does anyone know if there’s a PDF or online version available of any of the old Letraset catalogs, as I can’t find one anywhere.


Jelly and blancmange Never never again for dear old Ctenanthe Perhaps I should scan my copy for prosterity’s sake, plus it may be of interest to some of you Typophiles out there. Letraset January 30, by squirrelbasket. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Cataalogue was reminded of Letraset a few weeks ago when I decided to get some sticky white letters to put on my keyboard keys as the original letters had worn off. The Squirrelbasket It’s a ragbag stuffed full of words and pictures — mainly about nature, nostalgia and design….

Who would YOU name a plant after? Reasonably successful — although no way straight. All the best to you…. Often I returned to my desk to find a skinny roll of 1-point stuck to the bottom of my shoe or even inside my jumper, on one occasion!

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That shows great dedication! Anyway, it needs to be done before I spill coffee all over it, or in my old age, involuntary dribbling starts occurring ;- Adrian.

Thanks for the delightful trip down memory lane! Then actalogue the backing paper over the lettering and burnish moderately hard for firm adhesion with a smooth instrument, such as the cap of a ballpoint pen.

Even when they removed that task from me, I was left with proofs to mark up. Somewhere in my desk are a dusty pica pole, proportion wheel and dried out non-repro pen.

I think there’s a Chartpak catalog in there too. This site uses Akismet catalogu reduce spam. Just to be safe.

Letraset catalog

You are commenting using your WordPress. There were borders, lines, electronics symbols and even art illustrations such as cars and people for use on architectural drawings.

It was the s. Fnot I went to check and found it had been right the first time, so he kindly rearranged it again. Hopefully you can see it if you click on that link.