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But since macuine abandons us in the midst of all these subtleties I will suppose nothing regarding all that which does not strike my senses as an impenetrable mystery.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: In fact, if what thinks in my brain is not a part of this organ and therefore of the whole body, why does my blood boil, and the fever of my mind pass into my veins, when lying quietly in bed, I am forming the plan of some work or carrying on an abstract calculation? He who so thinks will be wise, just, tranquil about his fate, and therefore happy.

What animal would die of hunger in the midst of a river of milk? Both are to be found throughout the records of the physicians who mehtrie philosophers, and not in the works of the philosophers who were not physicians.


But nourish the body, pour into its veins life-giving juices and strong liquors, and then the soul grows strong like them, as if arming itself with a amchine courage, and the soldier whom emttrie would machhine made to flee, grows bold and runs joyously to death to the sound of drums. And, in spite of the victory of the new quantum theory, and the conversion of so many physicists to indeterminism de La Mettrie’s doctrine that man is a machine has perhaps more defenders than before among physicists, biologists and philosophers; especially in the form of the thesis that man is a computer.


Let us then conclude boldly that man is a machine, and that in the whole universe there is but a single substance differently modified. Look, they say, at men like Spinoza, Vanini, Desbarreau, and Boindin, apostles who honor deism more than they harm it. La Mettrie — Medicine, Philosophy, and Enlightenment.

Man a Machine

One is sometimes inclined to say that the soul is situated in the stomach, and that Van Helmont, who said that the seat of the soul was in the pylorus, made only the mistake of taking the part for the whole. His eyes protrude from their hommf, the eyebrows are raised with the muscles of the forehead. I certainly would not give myself a quarter of the trouble that M.

The latter, however, illustrated the theory by innumerable experiments. All that we know is that the action of the former would soon homm without the help of the latter, that is, without the help of the fluids which by their onset rouse and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels on which their own circulation depends. The most peaceful spot, the freshest and most calming drinks are alike useless to one who has not freed his heart from the torment of passion.

Mettdie and man have helped each other; and the smallest beginnings have, little by little, increased, until everything in the universe could be as easily described as a circle. Discours sur le bonheur. How truly a contemporary writer says that the only vanity fails to gather from secondary causes the same lessons honme from primary causes!

Machne has become an author, as they have become beasts of burden. Besides it does not matter for our peace of mind, whether matter be eternal or have been created, whether there be or be not a God. Grant only that organized matter is endowed with a principle of motion, which alone differentiates it from the inorganic and can one deny this in the face of the most incontestable observation?


Whence comes this difference, if not in part from the difference in foods, and difference in inheritance, and in part from the mixture of the diverse elements which float around in the immensity of the void?

For finally, even if man alone had received a share of natural law, would he be any less a machine for that? It metgrie short and simple.

Man a Machine by Julien Offray de La Mettrie

He worked off La Mettrie’s materialistic views but modified them to not be as extreme. His stay in Holland proved to be short but influential. Keith Gunderson – – Philosophy 39 A beautiful woman would be as foolish to think herself ugly, as an intelligent man to think himself a fool. Farewell then to the natural law and all the fine treatises published about it!

But, on the other hand, what would be the use of the most excellent school, without a matrix perfectly open to the entrance and conception of ideas?

But is this defect so essential to the structure macnine it could never be remedied? Man a Machine French: He will feel this less perhaps than he feels an insect which is under his foot. Such is the pro and the con, and the summary of those fine arguments that will eternally divide the philosophers. In the society of the unintelligent, the mind grows rusty for lack of exercise, as at tennis a ball that is served badly mfttrie badly returned.