Way of the Crab Action: Sacrifice a (friendly) [Crab] character. Choose an opponent – that player must sacrifice a character. (Max 1 per round.). I have been under the impression that Way of the Crab required the friendly crab personality to leave play to take effect. This would mean that if. If my opponent chooses to sacrifice a character wearing a Reprieve to use Way of the Crab, and the Reprieve is discarded instead of the.

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My major gripe is that it costs 1. Contact the seller – opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.

I would look to crabs conflict characters and potentially splashing one. I had that conversation with a bunch of people and I think he actually is just slightly worse than Bayushi Liar overall. Can be awkward if your opponent ov more chuds to sacrifice than you do, and you start to draw multiple copies of it.

Legend of the Five Rings Review: Crab

Kingsley, Kisada is the worst clan champ? Tikttk’k on October 19, at 1: After reading Benjoewoo’s comments on Borderlands Fortifications, they probably banned him from reviewing any more cards.

Sign up for a new account in our community. If that character frab to leave play as a cost for something, the cost is not considered to have been paid. I have some more questions kinda relating to this then.


Netrunner Warhammer 40k: Has some cute synergy with charge. An unfortunate side effect of having low threat density, however putting a banzai on him ,5r enabling him makes him a game ender.

Way of the Crab – Legend of the Five Rings Wiki

See terms – opens in a new window or tab. I don’t think anyone is disagreeing on Shoju being top of the pack though. Epicurus and HidaHonk like this. In this case, the opponent attempts to play way of the crab, choosing to sacrifice one of their characters with reprieve attached. A reoccurring theme with Crab.

Vanguard Warrior consensus score: I thought this was all about discovering a card’s worth. This review will cover the Crab clan – keep in mind that stronghold cards are being reviewed in the context of other strongholds and aren’t ratings of clans as a whole.

Ignithas and JoeFromCincinnati like this. The Eternal Struggle Other. Once the cost is paid, the card is used whether the effects are prevented or not. Then, Crah have to sacrifice her.

It’s pretty safe to assume wild mistakes in valuing cards for the game’s duration. It’s not even close to auto include atm. That means, for your second action, you can play Way of the Crab to remove your Eager Scout and the only character they can remove is the character they just bought.

She’s not terrible, but she also isn’t exactly making me water at the mouth to play Phoenix.


Way of the Crab L5R CCG TCS | eBay

I rate him slightly lower than Borderlands Defender because his ability is more limited and the lower political hurts more than the extra military helps for Crab.

The downside about dedicating ways to crabb this guy into conflicts as an attacker is that Crab is so low on threat density that he will just get assassinated.

If dishonor becomes super real you might run both this and Contingency Plan, but that’s not where the meta seems to be right now. You are basically hoping to catch your opponent in a misplay at that point. This wy is a pretty good stalling tool.

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Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. This is one of the best cards in the game and the reason I consider the Crab clan to be one of the three best clans at the moment. Learn Crzb – opens in a new window or tab. Invasion Lord of the Rings Android: Do I still lose the WotC card?

Intimidating Hida average score: You currently have javascript disabled. Dont even know those tricks about Way of the Crab… so naughty card! Read more about the condition.