In Jonathan Kozol’s Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid he discusses the discrepancies between minority education. Course Syllabus Course Number: Course Title: EDG The Role of Education in a Democratic Society Credit Hours: 3 Course. SAVAGE INEQUALITIES Children in America’s Schools By Jonathan Kozol Crown. pp. $ ONE OF the ways in which we become.

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By the time the students are expected to take standardized stilk in 3 rd grade, these white students have had far more education than minority students who are expected to take the same standard exams. Nice Job with your blog! That was one example of many that really showed how education today still is unequal and segregated.

Still separate, still unequal

Posted by Alison at 7: The students are worried if they would ever be able to achieve their dream in such conditions. I did not get a chance to read this article and you did a great job sharing his argument with kzol readers. Your paper should demonstrate mastery of course material and make interesting claims and arguments about important issues. These schools talk of racial and ethnic diversity but when you cast a glance on the real numbers then the real picture is sharply different.

Throughout the article, Kozol visits several inner-city minority schools that focus primarily on rubrics, standards, and creating classrooms that based on a drill-based program using a Skinnerian curriculum. Submit in Assignment Section of Blackboard. How can these inner city minority schools be running on drill-based programs, when other suburban wealthier schools are focusing on hands-on, engaging curriculums? Posted by JocelyneGuerrero at 6: Stilp blog provided a great summary of the Kozol reading.


These kids ask Kojol for help and mention all the things missing from their schools. How are the arguments in different readings related to one another? These puzzling stats show how desegregation has but remained an unfulfilled promise.

The results that were expected to be realized after Brown v Board of Education could never become a reality. I agree with Nina. She deserves a more honorable answer than she has been offered.

In-class work, contributing thoughtful questions and comments. It promotes lifelong learning, is committed to stewardship that reflects the ethics of community responsibility, and continually strives to meet the educational needs of all learners. You will each be responsible to present a portion of the reading assignments and lead discussion of them.

What are we going to do? This is telling high school students that society expects them to only have certain careers, and limits choices regarding their own future. Students who attend these schools are viewed as not being worth the effort, their unqual is less valued and funded which results in unfair advantages when being compared to the education the few fortunate receive and sometimes purchase.

Great job on your blog!! Simultaneously, he highlights the deep isolation that the students of these schools face. Newer Post Older Post Home. The final paper is your chance to work in seeparate depth with the subject matter.

Kojol leaves the question Mireya asked him open for everyone to answer?

Kozol has mostly highlighted the physical aspects of the school in his essay. She speaks with insight.

Advanced Seminar – Carnegie Mellon University. Schools whose namesake come from a prominent leaders for equality have student enrollment where minorities assume almost one hundred present of the population.


My Class Blog: Talking Point #2: Kozol’s “Still Separate, Still Unequal”

Nina June 5, at Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Thoughts on Renewing Affirmative Action Appendix: The author expects to illicit sympathy for the poor students from the readers. Jonathan Kozol argues that segregation is still a major issue in our education system, and limits for achievement are being set by school districts, which is only making the achievement gap between black and white students wider. Kozol states that we have allowed this discrepancy to go on for too long and that we, as Americans, have the responsibility to right this enormous wrong.

I am amazed at all the inequalities in education there are. Melissa Bullock June 5, at 8: For your presentation, you will need to provide 1 A brief outline of the major arguments and ideas in the assigned reading, including what you consider to be key passages remember to cite page numbers. I was pretty surprised about some ways that teachers were teaching as well.

The primary outcome will be item 1. Course Syllabus Course Number: I was sstill at a lot of the same parts as you were. The humiliation she has to face everyday if she needs to go to the bathroom between the classes is especially troubling.