The scanning application and libkscan library which were formerly included in kdegraphics – KDE/kooka. Kooka has been the scan application of choice for the KDE project and is an official part of the KDE Graphics Package. However, Kooka has been dropped from. Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka. When started, Kooka opens a three-frame window with a menu bar to the upper left and a toolbar.

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Bruce 14 years ago Your download link is not too kooka, but to kdegraphics 3.

Digikam, Kooka: Scanning with Epson V200?

This is great to hear!!! Scan your text with Kooka or xscanimage and save the text in an image file e.

All that was really needed was a source of input, i. To me it seems pretty clear that mooka was never really high priority in either software package, at least not in the sense of using a scanner as part of a replacement for a copier.

It requires some time to move the scanner to a free area somewhere and attach it to a USB port. Be sure that your scanner is connected, switched on and ready for use before you boot Koka. You might post the error messages you’re getting when “The K programs don’t work”. Another prob is that different scanner offer different scan options which leads to different sxan for the scan options window.

It offers support for different OCR modules.

Instead it has a foot that lets it be stored upright out of the way on the floor next to the PC when not in scsn. Yast will handle including the needed libraries to run a program.


When you click in the “Kooka” window top right at Help and then kioka “Kooka Handbook” you – sorry – get an old version of the manual. Furthermore, your scanner must be recognized by Knoppix, as described in Lesson 2. A higher DPI means more detail but scqn will be slower to scan and result in a larger file.

You then have a choice of formats in which to save the scan to another location including. Can some DCOP-magic help here? The point with the presets: Consider to select only a part of the image to be scanned. It would be unfair not to correct them, wouldn’t it!

But copying has never been a frequent requirement in this SOHO and I kokka regained a bit of desk space. For this purpose, press the Create for selection-icon in the toolbar and select an area to be scanned.

Digikam, Kooka: Scanning with Epson V?

This is not heavy-duty hardware, and it is not intended to be out for lots of use every day. Try the other scanning programs included with opensuse Uninstall any that don’t.

PDF’s may contain images, so you could directly stuff an image or many into a pdf. Click in the menu that opened at the entry “Multimedia”.

And thanks to the help of the folks at SANE-project.

A New Scanner with XSANE and Kooka

Kooka is a KDE application for scanning. Adjust the Resolution in DPI dots per inch. This wasn’t even on my original wish-list! It seems to have better and more scanner support than sane. I am not a lawyer, so use your own judgment.


Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them? Originally Posted by hcvv.

As far as the occasional “quick copy” is concerned there is a trade-off. Your results will vary, since OCR depends heavily on clarity of scan, dpi, type of font, font kerning, dictionary used Linux User http: When I copy something it is either 1 for my own personal temporary use because I don’t want to risk loss of or damage to the original or 2 to forward to a friend along with attribution, which I consider not only “fair use” but koola for the source.

Scanning an image and saving it as an image file 1 Select at lower left which settings you want to use for the scan: Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

To move the frames, click and drag the thin double line right above the frame. System Tags app software. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Also in generalcan KDE programs work on gnome? This is where I often loose time trying to get the printout looking somehow similar to the original in size and quality. Use of scanners or copiers involves risk koooa violation of copyright. It is not intended. I koooka many hair pulling hours of frustration trying to get good scans from Kooka.