Klendathu Invasion is the largest combined fleet and Mobile Infantry operation of the Arachnid War to date. Within these covers: Invasion: The story of Starship. An invasion force is deployed to Klendathu, the Arachnids’ home planet, but the operation is a total disaster. Movie Info. Credits and Contents. KLENDATHU INVASION CREDITS Author Matthew Sprange. Additional Text Matt Keefe. Editor Christopher Allen. Cover Art.

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A general retreat was ordered within the first half hour after the first drop and the Mobile Infantry retreat that followed nearly became a full blown klenathu. Contents [ show ].

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The Warrior Bug responsible, then attacked the camerman, impaling the unfortunate man through the chest, and causing him to throw the camera near Rico, just as the mandible of the Warrior stabbed him through the leg. Contents [ show ]. Klendathu is the homeworld of the Arachnids.

Despite the battle being vastly more successful than the previous one it lasted for over three years with the Arachnids fighting fiercely to defend their home planet. By any measure, the battle was an unmitigated disaster. When deployed, Trask was able to use the suit to find a Neodog by a Bug hole and using it for guidance was able to rescue captured M. The plan ultimately backfired due to the Federation’s arrogance, lack of strategical planning, lack of artillery or air support, belief that all non-human species were inferior to themselves, and reliance on numbers.


Retrieved from ” http: Troopers, killing a Brain Bug before being extracted.

However, Warrior Bugs presence turned out to be in far greater quantity than predicted by Military Intelligence and the Mobile Infantry were quickly overwhelmed by vast numbers of bugs. Despite the Federations space and air superiority throughout kllendathu battle the Arachnids were still capable of firing large quantities of plasma against the Fleet. Warrior Bugs Plasma Bugs.

At the same time, this would provide more opportunities to klendqthu and research the Arachnids to examine them for tactical weaknesses. Rico’s Roughnecks participated the Second Battle of Klendathu. Battle of New Kansas concurrent. It has two moons and borders an asteroid belt that has an unlimited surplus of asteroids that are presumably the remains of Klendathu’s twin world. For a list of other meanings, see Battle of Klendathu disambiguation.

Once the Mobile Infantry reached the surface, fighting began immediately with troopers using Tactical Oxygen Nukes to destroy many Plasma Bugs. After the surviving Mobile Infantry troopers were recovered by dropships and brought back aboard the Corvette Transports, the remaining ships in the fleet retreated to Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga.

Battle of Klendathu

It took Johnny Rico to give the squad the orders they needed “Kill them, Kill them all! Invasion of Planet P.

When a general retreat was ordered, olendathu, the reporter was killed by a Warrior Bug caught live on camera shortly after the broadcast began, and the cameraman then retreated after Rico tells him to get out of there.


After the battle, the Wildcats were almost entirely wiped out, with Troopers Rico, Flores, and Levi, as the only known members to survive.

The Federation was confident of an easy victory and sent a correspondent to report live from the surface of the planet during the invasion. Klendathu is the homeworld of Pseudo-Arachnid.

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The planet orbits a twin star system; one blue and one yellow. Bug defenses began almost immediately in the form of plasma bursts from the surface. The squad engages the Warriors losing several soldiers such as Shujumiwho ran out in front of the squad and became easy prey, and Katrina McIntire klendxthu, who fled before falling into a Bug hole and being dragged into a tunnel to her doom by a Warrior. Led by Lieutenant Willythe Wildcats charged towards enemy positions without being detected.

The troopers unsure of there orders do nothing and request kleendathu from Ace, but Ace filled with fear freezes and simply says “I don’t know”. Unknown, possibly light compare to the UCF. Apart from material losses, the psychological effect of the disaster drastically damaged morale across the Federation. The Second Battle of Klendathuas its names suggests, is humanity’s second invasion on the planet Klendathu.