RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT – 4(1)(b) PRED, Central Office – · RIGHT TO THE KARNATAKA PANCHAYAT RAJ ACT – · RIGHT TO. Amendment of Section 2: In the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, as so re- titled conditions prescribed of grant or release of the funds by the State. Act Info: Preamble 1 – KARNATAKA PANCHAYAT RAJ ACT, Chapter I. Section 1 Section 4 – Declaration of panchayat area and establishment of Grama Panchayats. Section 5 .. Section – Release of premises from requisitioning.

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Section 47 – Appointment of Adhyaksha during vacancy in the office.

Section B – Lodging of account with the returning officer. Section 30 – Officers etc.

About Us Profile Feedback. Section 77 – Power for providing adequate water supply. The representatives of the Zilla Panchayats are elected for a tenure of five years.

Section – Taluk Panchayat may raise loans and form a sinking fund. Section – Power of owner or occupier of buildings or lands to drain into Grama Panchayat drains. Section C – Failure to lodge an account of election expenses.


Karnataka Panchayat Raj

There are seats reserved for women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in Gram Panchayats. Section – Power of suspending execution of unlawful orders or resolution. Section – Transfer of property may be subject to conditions. Section – Term of office of members of interim Grama Panchayat and their powers. Section – General powers of Ra Panchayat.

Section – Effect of amalgamation of panchayat areas.

Section 92 – Registration of burial and burning grounds. Section – Functions of karhataka standing committees. Section 39 – Penalty for illegal hiring or procuring of conveyance at election. Section 19 – Grounds for declaring election to be void. Section 44 – Election of Adhyaksha and Upadhyaksha. Section – Cost of altering, repairing and keeping in proper order privies etc.

Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Section – Grama Panchayat may acquire, hold and dispose off ,annada, etc. Section – Levy of taxes, rates, etc. Section – Functions of the Executive Officer and other officers and officials. Section – Determination of elected members after census. Section – Prohibition against removal or obliteration of notice. Section – Method of voting and procedure for election.


Section – Consequences of absorption of part of a panchayat area or on an area within the limits of the district or Taluk into a larger urban area etc.

Gram panchayat represents an assembly of the village elders who are directly elected by the citizens of the village. Section 43A – Removal of members for misconduct.

Panchayat Raj in Karnataka | Gram Panchayats Karnataka

Section – Purchase of stores and equipments. Section – Penalty for acting as a member, Adhyaksha or Upadhyaksha when disqualified.

Section 8 – Appointment of an Administrative Committee or Administrator on failure to elect members of Grama Panchayats. Section – Application of certain sections relating to elections. Section – Election karnatala Adhyaksha and Upadhyaksha and term of office. Section – Removal of members for misconduct. Section – Power of Taluk Panchayat to make regulations. Section – Prohibition of expenditure not covered by the budget.