Forbidden Love (Dell Historical Romance) [Karen Robards] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Forbidden Desires He was her guardian. Forbidden Love by Karen Robards – book cover, description, publication history. Read Forbidden Love by Karen Robards by Karen Robards by Karen Robards for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and.

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Books by Karen Robards

Sure Megan could get annoying The man isn’t always at fault in a failed marriage – he deserved a second chance at love. The H hadn’t had sex with his wife in years and that’s how she wanted it. I signed up for a fluffy romance novel. I lovs have to agree that the hero does come across as something of a brute, but then some men to react that way when they are hurt. See more by Karen Robards. Loving Julia by Karen Robards Boy oh boy, him kidnapping her to prevent her marriage and his demonic need to drive all thoughts of the other guy from her mind were my fa 4.

No, she’s not eighteen.

Forbidden Love (Dell Historical Romance): Karen Robards: : Books

Usually ships weeks — This is an indent title fotbidden sourced to order from a local supplier. I know it’s a rooomance novel, but it stands out as one that I’ve actually kept all these years.

A headstrong young beauty and her aristocratic guardian are robadds between passion and propriety in this beloved romance from bestselling author Karen Robards. Sep 09, Reverie rated it liked it Shelves: Though no date is given it seemed to be roughly set in the Regency era, and while there were some errors in forms of address and clothing color choices a mauve “coming out” gown loge it would have been white, and reference to a white wedding gown when it lovf have been a colorthe story still gets full marks from me because these did not distract from what was a well-written, captivating story I could not put down.


Of course, at that time a 17yr old and a 36yr old wasn’t that unheard of. Oh and she gets to spend the rest of her pregnancy alone. Forbidden Love by Karen Robards was everything the title promised. Several reviewers said the H was abusive but I didn’t see that at all. She gives Justin the cold shoulder which throws him into a spiral of rage and jealousy. She chooses the child over Justin and I respected her for that.

The H was married to a frigid, uncaring gold digger and the heroine was his teenage lovw and it was totally politically incorrect but it was so damn riveting. Her manipulativeness and his angry-ness worked to make a wonderfully angst filled story that kept my attention and even made me cry.

He did mention vorbidden, but the reader and the h were led to believe this was a long shot and could take robadds to accomplish – years she didn’t have due to the pregnancy. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only.

The emotions are at times subtle, at times violent, but in all, believable. Jul 19, Vintage rated it did not like it Shelves: Did their friendship change drastically during those months of solitude from sex?

Add to Basket Pre-order Add to Wishlist. There was a priest at the wedding, which probably meant Justin was Catholic For her to be an innocent 17 year old, she was quick to pick up that tears could get her almost anything with Justin and she was manipulative.


robarrs What makes this book exceptional is the unexpected twists in the story ex: She tries to run away from him, falls off a fucking cliff and their baby dies. However, within the context of the story, I have no doubt that Meagan did not know and that’s what is important to me.

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Must redeem within 90 days. Karen Robards never fails to deliver a gripping and emotional tale and Forbidden Love is proof.

I listened to this as an audiobook and kare narrator was a guy that forbiddfn on a snooty voice that suited Justin perfectly. On that note, here are some romantic quotes to end my review with: View details for this title. Then there’s the tiny litt Overall 4.

Justin goes nuts once Meagan tries to find a husband within the Ton. Of course, he forgot to tell her one thing: Don’t get me wrong, the ward-guardian relationship didn’t put me off, nor did the age difference. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Z to A Pub Date: I expected more from a author like Karen Robards, I know she is known for her weird plots, cruel heroes and heroine that suffer the misery of the world Wonderful, angst filled, heart wrenching story about a young woman in rohards with her guardian and said guardian in love with his young ward.