Jan Fennell, “The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. Her training. In The Dog Listener Jan Fennell shares her revolutionary insight into the canine world and its instinctive language that has enabled her to bring even the mo. Jan Fennell. likes . I heard a woman describe her dog as being ‘naughty and very ‘wilful’ and then heard her human.

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Welcome | Jan Fennell the Dog Listener

Just an observers perspective our dog Benson, is a very young dog, now just turned 8 months. I really don’t buy fennelk of this stuff though. To lead do you have to dominate? I think it is interesting. I think this can be applied to children.

Jan 28, Messages: Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I have read some interesting ‘critiques’ of Jan Fennel’s approach. Anyway, that was my impression of it. You are never meant to be harsh or abusive but the idea I think is that the dog responds to you as a leader and knows you have everything covered; it is safe. There are short films of her on youtube if you are interested in finding out more.

Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I do remember one phrase from the Jan Fennel book that described the difference between leadership and dominance – it was something about “you need to act in such a way that, if a leadership election was called tomorrow, your dogs would vote for you to be the leader”. Jane MartinJun 12, Maybe this has already been discussed – sorry if it has. Very different approach with an older or unfamiliar dog. We guide them and hopefully do not allow them to push boundaries.


You are MY leader! JulieTJun 12, I like the focus on kindness with rules. There seems to be a difference between the two.

Jan Fennell

As I understand it limited knowledge the handler takes away the stress and responsibility that comes with the dog being the pack leader, by making lostener of the decisions.

Is ignoring a dog dominating it? Apr 16, Messages: Views Read Edit View history. I’m not sure about everything in her book, but I really liked that one. Mar 6, Messages: Fennell on “training” the Jan Fennell way Forgive me everyone – I believe I am working this through via the forum.

Discussion in ‘ Dog Training: Living people Dog trainers Animal care and training writers. Well, the new pack theory is that the pack exists but they co-operate rather than have dominance. Log in or Sign up. So I don’t think the leadership concept is entirely baseless as far as actual dog behaviour goes.

There is dispute over whether this type of training program can have negative effects and it has been called “psychologically cruel” by one author. Seems to be a kind and thoughtful approach based on observation of the dog’s fenhell so I wouldn’t think you’d run into ian problems with harsh techniques.

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Fennell argues that most inappropriate dog behavior arises if the owner does not consistently signal that he or she is ‘pack leader’. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way I am now thinking about “leadership” and “dominance”.

UncleBobJun 12, Perhaps the label of leadership has led people to interpret it as dominance. We hopefully don’t rule them out of fear. He is most relaxed and comfortable playing with puos his age or younger, he appears confident and carefree. Has anyone any comments on The Dog Listener? Have fun with your pup, work on a great relationship built on love and trust I think this is very importantdon’t reward bad behaviour, reward good behaviour, and it seems to work out just fine.


She believes that dogs are unable to understand any other social model, and when co-opted into human families as pets still see themselves as pack members. Jan Fennell”The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Where does leadership become dominance? I’d just be prepared to go along with a willingness to question and literally ask questions, which I am sure you will do! Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way Also interested to hear views on this If that is the case, maybe this is one of the reasons why socialisation at a young age is so important, especially with other dogs.

Jan Fennell – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 1 Julyat In the attempt it may become aggressive or difficult to handle, as it tries to assert dominance; hyperactive, through uncertainty on what it should be doing, or sometimes acutely stressed. Fennell does not believe in physically dominating or chastising the dog.

I want you all thee live around the corner from me. BeanwoodJun 12,