Gideon: The Nightwalkers [Jacquelyn Frank] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They’re called the Nightwalkers–proud, ancient beings who. Gideon is the second in the Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank, the first being Jacob. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first book in the series when . In Frank ‘s seductively crafted universe (introduced in last year’s Jacob: The Nightwalkers), demons aren’t the clawed horrors of myth (unless.

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I mean he was forgiven but it niggled me. You are my territory!

Gideon is the oldest surviving member of his race vrank he has great knowledge and is a well respected demon. May 19, Crista rated it it was ok Shelves: Legna really made me mad.

I live in Asheville NC and have written a book Legna was way way waaaay better heroine and definitely much much more helpful through the books -yes, plural- and she’s done enough jacquelyj to last her a gudeon and that is the lifetime of an immortal. How come in every series, there has to be an old “geezer” with silver eyes?

As she armed him, she felt him slipping deeply into her soul, becoming the masculine side of herself. I find myself liking the stories where the man is literally brought to his knees by his woman.

He’s a cynical character, blunt and completely oblivious to any feelings of caring or loving another save for his patients.

Book review: Jacquelyn Frank’s *Gideon (The Nightwalkers Book 2)*

This is what I would expect a relationship with a college professor to be like. Recently returned, guilt-wracked Gideon is finally drawn to the true object of his desire: He is too intellectual for that.

This book also introduces vampires and lyncanthropes jacqquelyn to the reader. Actually, Gideon was a little too similar to before mentioned Gregori, both in age and abilities Gregori is an Ancient healer, Gideon is an Ancient medic frznk be deemed original.

Books by Jacquelyn Frank. It was good, and then it got better, but still with too much re-hashing of Jacob and Isabella, and the plot from “Jacob. View all 3 comments. But first he needs to regain her trust. They joke about the men being sex fiends and perverts, and they joke about the men expecting everyone to follow their orders. Why would you frano laugh it off, instead of jcquelyn hurt? She was mercy for those who would lie beaten at his feet, satisfying him with victory while sparing him the poisonous joy of killing when it was no longer needed.

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He berated himself for his weakness for Legna is but a mere child to his age. He is known for great wisdom and is well respected among his race of demons. I liked when Gideon showed he trusted her enough to let her know his full name. The love scenes were certainly not the hottest I have read, but I felt that they were I can’t believe the reviews on this jaccquelyn are not more positive, I really loved it.

Brave, sweet, caring, sassy with a little bit of shy. Bella and Jacob feature prominently, as Bella is visciously attacked and nearly killed by a new threat to the Demons, and they realise there’s a traitor in their midst. But that lasted about a second. I lost pretty much all of the respect I had for Legna when she told Gideon that she was afraid, and then agreed with his careless comment that he made 9 years ago that she was a child, and asked what she could possibly bring to make their imprinting make sense.

And even more so when you scream it. I see that Legna is going to be superwoman, just like Isabella in the previous book. I give this book a 3.

Nightwalkers Series

View all 33 comments. Did you really just use the antithesis when studying his body? I wanted to like this much more then I act I was so ready for Gideon’s book after reading Jacob’s, he is the oldest of the Demons, but of course still mega hot, so don’t fear there are no saggy man bums and wrinkly You have to start believing that, and believing that you deserve it.


The love scenes were certainly not the hottest I have read, but I felt that they were quite emotional, which suited the giseon and the tone of the book. The hostility, respect, and distrust are going to turn them into an awesome romance. When it was finally explained that about 8 years before he saw her in the garden, gave her some really intense kisses, pushed her away and called her a child, well I would have been pissy too.

He kissed her 9 or 10 years prior and left her hanging noghtwalkers calling her a child and saying not nice things. This is NOT gideeon man obsessed with his mate. Pretty much gudeon happened for the first half of the book. I even found myself, toward the end, skimming their love scenes.

The battle scenes were great, the rescue operation was short, sweet and to the point, I just wish more of the book had been that way. If you are happy to read about a romance which isn’t actually a choice between people but their destiny, and how they learn to live with knowing each others’ thoughts, this book is nightwlkers enough.

View all 22 comments. Mar 18, Christel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Allow me to introduce them to you.

Gideon (Nightwalkers, #2) by Jacquelyn Frank

Then he’ll have to save her life This is the second book in the series. The beginning was slow because the reader has to learn the backstory in regards to Gideon’s and Legna’s romance. And how incredibly boring. In fact I will continue on in the series specifically because I love the storyline and the world Jacqueline Frank built. Jacob set up Gideon and Legna’s story beautifully and then just “mailed it in”.