Founded in in Reggio Emilia as Iotti & Strozzi, the company started operating in the Gear pumps, motors, valves and cylinders quickly substituted old and. description, category, manufacturer, oem, machine type, model machine, numbers on parts, picture. 2ISPGF/D 2ISPGFD, external gear pump, IOTTI. We supply new hydraulic pump, motors and special oils. Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors Hydraulic pumps (pump) hydraulic generator, . IOTTI STROZZI .

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Clamps are available in a variety of colours and materials. Fluid Press was founded in located in Reggio Emila Italy, the most important region for fluid power manufacturing.

They are high quality producers of pressure and flow control valves. Tecnord Srl was founded in near Modena Italy. Galtech Spa was founded in in Reggio Emila Italy. MTE was established in Products were pymps perfected, applications increased in every productive field and the market expanded rapidly.

Today a medium size company in Milan Italy, suppliers of filters, bellhousings, couplings, oil coolers, flanges and manifolds. Auburn Gear headquartered in Auburn, Indiana is a world leader in gears and gear products. Suppliers of Power Wheel planetary gearboxes and brakes. Several operating controls are available for the valves along with a wide variety of spools, so yet again inter-changeability upmps the key to our success.

Search for Search here Products Pages. Marzocchi Pompe founded in by Fratelli Marzocchi. Fluid pump an international acting, innovative company, which develops, produces and distributes hydraulic valves such as cartridges, customer-individual special valves and valve systems for mobile and stationary hydraulic applications.


Iotti Strozzi Gear pump / Pompa zębata Iotti Stroz

A new effective company policy was also developed. Eurofluid Hydraulics were founded in They produce hydraulic valves and manifold blocks. The flow capacities go up to litres per minute pumpw a maximum pressure range up to bar.

Quality supplier of cartridge valves, proportional valves and controllers. Secondary navigation Home Team Contact.

IOTTI STROZZI | Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors

Oil Control located in Nonantola, Italy Manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems. Brand Hydraulics has designed, manufactured, assembled and tested hydraulic valves for over 55 years.

Of a very high quality. Click here to view our range of gear pumps. A stozzi range of flanges and shafts are available to us, European, German and SAE with conic 1: Their range of gear pumps are manufactured in group sizes from 1 to 3 and displacements for these pump models between 0.

Gear pumps, motors, valves and iiotti quickly substituted old and unwieldy mechanical transmissions. OMT was founded in as a small Manufacturer of hydraulic components.

With more than 25 years of experience, it can be considered a landmark in the field of electronics applied to mobile hydraulics. The continuous growth of the market together with the need of very strict delivery times has been leading the company during the lastyears to the optimization of the production system according to the “lean production” philosophy.


Enter your name in reverse e. Cross Manufacturing produce one of the most extensive hydraulic component line on the market today. These options give us the ability to quickly assemble units from stock parts, helping small companies with breakdowns, and also our larger OEM customer base who are manufacturing their own machinery. Reggio Emilia, in the heart of the Po Valley, is an important and well-known centre for agricultural mechanization and this was the main field of interest and activity of the newly born company.

Inthe company obtained the ISO Certificate as a result of the quality and efficiency of its system, a quality and efficiency that is recognized by its customers and final users. Via Kennedy, 10 – Reggio Emilia E-mail: Double and triple pump versions are available and we can easily assemble tandem units using special kits that allow us to build any variety and also interchange between group sizes.

Iotti Strozzi 3/IS/P36/GF/D hydraulic pump

All of the other details have remained unchanged and development projects and investments have been confirmed. Click here to view our range of directional control valves. Bucher Hydraulics is an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications. Mikrospin is a limited company registered in England and Wales.