HP is a cubic-grain black-and-white film from Ilford Photo with a long history. It originated as Hypersensitive Panchromatic plates in Since then it has progressed through a number of versions, with HP5 plus (HP5+ for short) being the latest. The main competitor of Ilford HP5 Plus is Kodak Tri-X It is my opinion that some photographers mistakenly regard ILFORD HP5 PLUS and its predecessors to be a somewhat cheaper alternative to. Rank, Latest Photo, Photos, Topics, Joined Group. #1, greenlapwing, , 0, 9 years ago. #2, Yriy Karpenko, , 0, 1 year ago. #3, franco-li, , 0, 3 years ago.

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Perhaps this is a geographic bias, with those from North America favouring one and those from Europe the other? I’ve had difficulty getting the contrast level I like out of it without destroying the detail, however, but I’ll still buy it again and again as long as I need to.

Oh, and there are single-use 35mm cameras available, too.

See any errors on this page? The only downside to the film is the price which is a bit more expensive Date published: Just my opinion, and I have never performed any formal testing, or shot with them side by side. Black and white film in 35mm format. You can leave it at and get really great results for outdoor portraits, or you can push it to and obtain that classic street photography look. Why was Ilforv told this? International orders are processed the next shipping day.

Ilfoed Delta is a bit more grainy, constrasty and grittier, HP5 is more clean, neutral, and almost soulless. HP5 PLUS can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors. ilforx


They were so crisp and clear, and perfectly exposed. This item is one exposure roll of 35mm film and is supplied in a DX-coded cassette. All Ilford films meet and exceed my expectations. H5p useful review of this film. I am Maxime Evangelista and this is why…. But I make wet prints in a darkroom.

I am Lee Gavin and this is why…. Its wide exposure latitude makes it a great choice ilforrd beginners, those ilfore to film as well as the more experienced professional users. Fortunately, the Contax S2 has a built in […]. Just break down and get Delta if you need that speed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ilford HP5 Plus overview. The film doesn’t scratch or smudge easily which makes it ideal for any home or DIY ilgord.

The film is available in 35mm single boxed rolls, roll packs they look like candy! I recently ordered some more HP5 and am looking forward to being using it again, as I think it may be my preferred film for personal work moving forward.

Film review: ILFORD HP5 PLUS in 35mm, 120 and sheet formats

It is perfectly possible to get a high contrast result although not overpoweringly so if that is not your aim. In Stock Update Location close. Ilford HP5 Plus reviews. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. If loaded properly, I will end up with usually 38 exposures on a roll as opposed to The grain is so fine and natural looking.

Home Articles Film review: Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Black and white negative film in 35mm format. Both developers, especially the Rodinal in a semi-stand will increase edge sharpness, giving the feeling of greater contrast without necessarily building up too much contrast across the entire frame. If you scan, your mileage will vary.


Kodak Tri-X vs. Ilford HP5 – A photo comparison by The Darkroom Photo Lab

About Submit Contact Sitemap. Take action and help drive an open, collaborative community: It is currently available in format lengths and has edge markings running from 1 to If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

How to Pose a Model for Fashion vs. At the very least, trying to dispel a few myths is a good place to start.

Somewhere I have a clipping with a letter to the editor complaining that if Ilford really went ahead with discontinuing HP3, it would mean the end of photography as we know it. It is so versatile I could shoot almost any subject in almost ilfodd light.

Gp5 metered for the petals of the lily at EI and developed the film for a little over a 1. I have an EI and EI test in the works, so watch this space. Push the film, even a little, and things start getting interesting. I had the aperture set to 1. You mean underexposed, example EIand push process for one stop. It was loaded with the ISO film I use the most: