The Great Heresies [Hilaire Belloc] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hilaire Belloc examines the five most destructive heretical movements. In this new edition of a classic work, the great Catholic apologist and historian Hilaire Belloc examines the five most destructive heretical movements in. The Great Heresies has ratings and 58 reviews. Ben said: Another eye opening history from a very readable writer. Hilaire Belloc was half English, ha.

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It is the Hiilaire Church on the one side and its mortal enemy on the other. Belloch just regurgitates laughably biased views, without ueresies regard nor discipline for the line of reasoning he is presenting.

The book is divided into the following chapters: He was already a man of position, probably from the Cyrenaica now an Italian colony in North Africa, east of Tripolithough he was talked of as being Alexandrian, because it was in Alexandria that he lived.

And your combative French temperament was certainly less polite than the English one and probably more honest. He also predicted the continuing rise of Islam.

The Great Heresies – Hilaire Belloc

Such are the five great movements antagonistic to the Faith. You were certain, for instance, that the life of St.

But the great, the chief, example of what was happening through the break-up of the old Catholic European unity, was the rise of banking. Support them and this site – simultaneously!

There have been denials of this or that section of its doctrines.

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Belloc’s style is generally very clear and easy to follow – very different from his colorful and bombastic friend Chesterton, bless his heart. It ceased to be.


Belloc’s interpretation brlloc that Arianism “was willing to grant Our Lord every kind of honor and majesty short of the full nature of the Godhead. Changes in, or deflections from, that religion necessarily affect our civilization as a whole.

We are living today under a regime of heresy with only this to distinguish it from the older periods of heresy, that the heretical gerat has become generalized and appears in various forms. For centuries to come Islam was to remain a menace, even though Spain was re- conquered.

This second general became in his turn practically independent. Belloc sees Roman Catholicism as coterminous with Christianity; he explicitly yilaire that there can be varieties of Christian belief.

Hilaire Belloc on The Great Heresies (Review)

No trivia or quizzes yet. It had begun in a religious revolution; the eagerness of that revolution carried on and inspired it.

The Church might thus be regarded as a citadel presenting a certain number of faces between the angles of its defences, each face attacked in turn, and after the failure of one attack its neighbor suffering the brunt of the battle. He was born no more than a man, herewies Our Lady was the mother of no more than a man-and so on.

His human nature was a thing of illusion. A rather awesome little book, written by an Anglo-French Roman Catholic, first published in But that was not the main reason that the Army as a whole went Arian.

What I love best about reading Belloc’s words are the truth they still hold today.

But after a long enough time and enough wars, the current view of Christianity as split into two took hold, which Belloc holds had extremely pernicious consequences for both the thinking and the organization of Western civilization.

However, Protestantism, such as it was, would have still arisen in England in all likelihood, since England had a weakened central government unconnected with Muslim invasions. Constantine’s victory at the Milvian bridge was in the autumn of I would have wished for more on the modernist heresy, but I suppose that’s not brlloc fair given the publication date.


The Church was, as it were, a state within a state, possessing her own supreme officials, the bishops, and her own organization, which was of a highly developed and powerful kind.

To give a man the history of tobacco, to give him the chemical formula if there be such a thing for nicotine, is not to make him understand what is meant by the smell of tobacco and the effects of smoking it.

But he would never have had his success but for something eloquent about him and a driving power. No one, however hostile or uninstructed, will deny its presence during at least thirteen or fourteen hundred years. In Western Christianity, heresy most commonly refers to those beliefs which were declared to be anathema by any of the ecumenical councils recognized by the Catholic Church.

In that first great defeat, when the strong vital tradition of Catholicism had asserted itself and Arius was condemned, the creed which his followers had drawn up was trampled under-foot as a blasphemy, but the spirit behind that creed and behind that revolt was to re-arise.

One to which no specific name uilaire as yet been attached, but we shall grewt for the sake of convenience “the Modern.